morning to my other family!

has anyone experienced the psp person(!) scratching at night? rog has woken two mornings now his upper back looking like he has had a very passionate encounter with another woman!he denies both scratching and the other but it is all across his upper shoulder, but when i ask him to reach behind him he can't! i'll try piriton tonight.

you all have a good day

julie x

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  • Hi Julie,

    I can't help you with that one I'm sorry, it's never happened to Keith but Piriton sounds the best thing to try!

    Hugs....Pat xx

  • Hi Julie, yes this has been a common occurrence in our house! A good tip from DN is to wash them in aqueous cream don't use any soap, then dry them n smother in aqueous cream all over plus agree piraton may help! Apparently this is another common side effect of Psp! Ill be interested to hear what others say too. Good luck x

  • He hasn't scratched, though he used to draw in the air.... He has started moaning so I massage his face that often alleviates that...but then he goes into deep snoring! Og Good!

    What is Piriton?

    Good Luck,


  • Piriton is an anti histamine

  • Oh taken orally or topically?

  • Hi M started itching arms back and legs a couple year ago used aqueous cream to sooth and piriton also old cotton socks as gloves as even with short nails still able to draw blood. Piriton and cream did the trick after a couple of days. Cream good to moisturise dry skin especially on arms and legs so daily use but piriton only when needed. Talk to DN or pharmacy.


  • C has never done this. I'm the itchy one in this house. Piriton works well.....and sends me to sleep.

    Hope it works for Rog.


  • My husband scratches because he says he feels like things are crawling on him. Nothing an antihistamine will help with. : (

  • My husband is going through a stage at the moment of itching. Just this evening he has been moaning and moaning in bed and when I have looked, I have found an awful rash on his side and scratch marks........Imagine itching and not being able to relieve the itching! I have a different pad on him tonight....Awaiting a delivery of his normal ones and I think that this maybe the problem.

    When this happened before though,one of the OT's had him tested for vitamin D deficiency, which can cause itching. He was found to be deficient and had an intensive cause for three months. It did stop his itching then.

    I hope this may be helpful.

    DenB x

  • Yes my husband has messed up his skin from scratching. I put gold bond medicated lotion on him before bed and keep his nails short. The lotion works good if he gets to sleep before the cooling effect wears off.

  • Yet another thing to look forward to , eh? I too am the itchy one in the DNA is absolutely everywhere as my skin is itched to shreds ....Chiggers find me quite tasty! B has yet to be far so good. Good thing to know about though....

  • Yes D used to have terrible rashes all over his body and was driven mad by the itching. He would scratch constantly, causing quite severe skin damage. We put on large quantities of every kind of soothing cream but nothing really worked. Eventually a prescribed hydroxyzine tablet seemed to cure it and it hasn't been a problem in the last few weeks. Our GP called it 'neuropathic itch' and said it was probably caused by a compromised auto immune system.

    Hope you find something which helps.


  • Mum has a rash on her back that nothing will get rid of. She often ends up with scratch marks on her but doesn't remember doing it. I've monitored to make sure it wasnt the carers but it isn't. She reaches places she can't normally lol. She does complain of having the sensation of crawling ants on skin with is a nerve thing as she also gets stabbing pain too.

  • Yes, my mother has itching mostly on her arms. The doctor gave her hydroxyzine which helped. She takes it at night and it also helps her sleep.

  • My David scratches a lot, to the point of drawing blood. His main points are on ha shoulders and the top of his head, although he always picked at the top of his head even when healthy.

    His whole body developed the most awful rashes earlier in the year, and he was even admitted to a side room in hospital because they thought he had scabies, but it turned out his skin was just so awfully dry, probably due to the PSP and loads of aqueous cream or similar has kept that at bay since

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