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PSP Awareness - Honk if you have PSP!

I've been trying to think of ways to share info about the realities of way is to have had a poster up in my car rear window this last week with the title 'Honk if you have PSP...!' obviously a play on the hilarious 'honk if...' stickers out there, and hopefully drawing attention to the fact that PSP is no laughing matter, as my poster goes on to say...'highly unlikely, given that PSP takes away a person's ability to drive, not to mention, walk, talk, drink, eat, see etc etc.... We all know the story and the true nature of this atrocious condition. My daughter made a poster for our lounge window too...if we can get two people to look up the website then I'll consider we've contributed a little to the awareness....

Wonder if the PSPA would think about producing some kind of car sticker, to promote awareness?? Just wish it was a bit more high profile, then we could really get more funding into it - God knows it's one of the most debilitating diseases out there. Just wish it wasn't so 'all or nothing' in what it leaves our loved ones with!

Love and best wishes to everyone coping with this. Fran & family x

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Couldn't agree more Frank, for a start why not an identity card or bracelet saying the person has PSP and they are not drunk or on drugs or homeless as itg has suggested of my husband.

I think I'll make something myself too.

much love



I think a car sticker would be a brilliant way of spreading the word, Fran!! I would certainly display one.

COME ON PSPA, how about it??


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