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The incredible shrinking world!


Now's your chance to witness one of the world's scariest phenomena -- The Incredible Shrinking World of PSP!! -

You won't beleive your eyes as someone who, less than 10 years ago, was able to walk round Manhatten in the snow and climb 5 flights of stairs to her grandson's apartment is now living on the ground floor of her two storey home and taking the occasional outing in a wheelchair or car. Incredibly, her world is likely to shrink even further - that's the mystery of PSP!!

WARNING: Some "viewers" may find some of these scenes distressing. PLEASE also be aware - once you step into this world you won't be allowed to leave until the very end.

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So true and so sad.


PSP really is as frightening as this. My mum's world shrank within 4 years from being able to do her gardening, housework and daily trips out, to being in a care home unable to do anything for herself and with almost no means of communication. My mum would do everything for other people but I feel I can do absolutely nothing to protect her from PSP.


i am in an identical situation. It is so hard remembering the busy , caring and vital Mum and watching what is happening to her now. The sense of helplessness is overwhelming at times.


Dear Sal,

I know exactly what you mean - that feeling of helplessness and knowing there is nothing you can do to prevent the disease from progressing is so difficult to deal with.

Love to you and your Mum

Kathy xx


I do feel for you. This is certainly an accurate picture but my dad is now at the stage where he is completely happy in that small world. He doesn't remember his house, his "normal" recent life or even what he enjoyed doing this morning but he really enjoys the present in a wonderful care home. The "shrinking world" can be painful for us, but no longer is for him in the way it was a while ago. His speech is becoming much more limited now - the next phase - but again at least he doesn't dwell on this as the short term memory is so poor.

I send you my real sympathy and know how you feel.


Dear Morag,

I'm so pleased your Dad is happy in his care home and has found peace in his small world. Sadly, Mum gets frustrated and distessed by her inability to do the things she used to do.

thanks for taking the time to comment on my post

love Kathy xx


This has happened to my Mum. She loved the outdoors and her garden and caring for others, but now is in a home unable to do anything without help. PSP is swallowing Mum slowly but surely - SO CRUEL.


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