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Masked Impromptu Reunion


If you could see my Mommas face in this picture ...

She is really missing her family, so on the way home from the lake house (which is exhausting in itself, she slept 6 hours after getting home) - I decided to drive by both of my Aunts homes yesterday (Dads sisters), We pulled into their driveways and it was an instant masked reunion.

Making the effort for my Momma - she doesn’t have the ability to verbally express, but the love that is shown fills her soul, and her facial expression is priceless — Just what she needed.

#findingthejoy #quarantinelife

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Lovely xxx

Thank you ... the little things bring on some of the most fantastic memories. :) Hope you're well!

I'm surviving. I'm glad I'm not having to cope with Chris and PSP during this pandemic.

I have so many good memories which bring me solace. I know how much you will enjoy the many memories you are still creating. Good luck . Love from Jean x xx

The love is clearly shown even though we cant see all of your Mom’s face.



bazooka111 in reply to Beads0122

She smiled for what seemed like for hours - so happy to see her family ❣️

Awwww so sweet❤️

It was a very special moment that I won't forget for a long time. xx

This has made me smile too! I'm sure your aunts loved seeing you as well.

It was a beautiful moment really; they too, have been quarantined for so long -- so it was a beautiful day to see each other. I just cant wait to be a "hugger" again. :-)

Love is in the air. Continue to make the best of every day, the memories will follow.

Tim x

bazooka111 in reply to daddyt

No regrets here, that is for sure ---- I will cherish these moments. ((hugs))

Happiness personified!! ...Liz

bazooka111 in reply to Skye04

Truly! It was so spontaneous, and I am so glad I did it --- perfect timing really, everyone was home, and they put on those masks and marched right out to see my sweet Momma. It is also amazing how, if you haven't seen her for awhile -- the change is significant, and they witnessed that. Mom lacks a lot of emotion, and no ability to really speak --- her smile has not faded, and for that I am incredibly grateful for. I realize it will some day go away with this horrific disease, but I will push for that smile every single day. (What no one knows, is the effort to even get her in the car -- it is so hard, but we made it happen) . ((hugs)) Kim

Chris kept his smile until 2 days before he died !! xx

Skye04 in reply to bazooka111

I understand what you mean Kim about 'lack of emotion' and 'speech'..I saw my sister last Sunday at her LTC facility for the first time in 5 months of isolation..I too noticed the extreme lack of emotion even when I told her I loved her...she did say it back to me but with very little emotion...also her speech has really gone downhill since I last saw her...very slow..but thankfully still there...My BIL has said during their face time calls ...she never smiles anymore...and is quick to get upset about things...No wonder..having not seen us in person for so long...Hopefully that is starting to change!! It's so hard to watch them try to handle this disease...enjoy your mom's smiles...something to treasure!! Liz

Precious memories. The photo says it all. Blessings to wonderful you!!


bazooka111 in reply to Cuttercat

Thank you Cuttercat! I cherish these memories, and try to continue to create moments of joy for her --- one day at a time, its getting harder every day, but we will just keep pushing through. Abundant blessings back to you! (Hugs) Kim

Another great pic, Kim. The unplanned moments are often the best. The photo doesn’t need words to explain how happy those lovely ladies are to see each other. The ‘hugs’ are in their smiles, priceless!

Love Hils


bazooka111 in reply to HilsandR

Hey Hils! Yes, it was a beautiful spontaneous visit for sure -- lots of smiles! Here is the inside scoop on the joy --- My aunt walks up to the car and say to my Momma (who used to do her hair over the years), and says, "Marlene! Look what I did to my hair in quarantine!" It is like a crazy shade of magenta or something ! It was a funny moment! Hope you are well! ((hugs)) Kim

Fabulous, made me smile as well, does the soul good to see love so openly expressed :)

bazooka111 in reply to AJK2001

Nothing compares to seeing my Momma smile ... it was just a last minute decision to pull into the driveway and seconds later ... a reunion that just erupted in smiles and laughter! xo

Love is forever....blessings.!

bazooka111 in reply to Bcat

I certainly is! These gals have been friends / sister-in-law for the majority of the entire life --- both married at 17 years of age!! Whew! I cannot imagine being married that young! So ... they go back long way ... and they missed each other for sure!

Bens smile was in his eyes, they twinkled when he felt happy to see someone. I hold onto that image, very powerful.

Sending love to you and your Mom.

bazooka111 in reply to Katiebow

Yes yes yes! I completely get that! That twinkle is so very precious ... and realistically, we all know that those days dwindle over time! Sending love back --- one day at a time! xx Kim

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