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Good morning all you lovely people. I just thought I would share something positive. On Sunday I am running my first ever marathon in York. I have never done a full marathon before but thought I would give it a go and started training on April 1st well before Steve was diagnosed and well before we had any clue as to how our year was going to unfold. I have continued my training throughout all these difficult months that Steve has been in hospital and been diagnosed with PSP and it has kept me sane. I always have a good cry in the first mile or 2 of a run and come back feeling more able to cope. I have also decided to raise money for the PSP Association and have raised over £500 so far. I am going up to York later today via the hospital and have PSP balloons and a TShirt for Steve so I can decorate his room! He is really encouraging me to complete the run so it’s giving him something to focus on too. So that’s this weeks challenge- next weeks is to get married!!

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Exercise is my stress release. Good luck on your run.

Well done to you! Cheering you on from here. When is it? Will look at it if it's on TV.

Good luck with the wedding too. Steve sounds a great man. So sad that he has ended up with this bloody awful condition. Make the most of the time you have left.

Hugs to both of you.

Marie x x

Well done, inspirational!! Good luck!! X

Oh well done, you. So pleased for you. Have a great day and enjoy.

Good luck from us both

Keep on keeping on

Anne and Chris

Good luck. Hope your weather is better than ours x

Good luck to you today.

I wish the weather could have been a bit better for you

I thought about you when I opened the curtains this morning and saw the rain .

Hugs Lynda x

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