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Marathon Update


I just thought I would let you all know that my daughter and I completed the Yorkshire Marathon yesterday. It rained heavily throughout the entire event but it was great ‘fun’ and a fantastic achievement. We have raised well over £1000 for PSP and the QE hospital. I can’t quite work out how to get out of bed and downstairs today though as my legs are really stiff and aching! I thought I would share a photo to brighten the day. Have a good day everyone 😊🏃‍♀️😊🏃‍♀️

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Hi hiking

Well done to you on completing and for raising that amount of money

Get yourself up do some stretches and complete your next project GETTING MARRIED 👰

Again well done and your other half will be over the moon with you

Hugs to both

Sue x

Hiking13 in reply to Suebatt

Thank you Sue and my thoughts exactly I haven’t time to sit around I have a wedding to plan!!

Love Sarah xx

Lovely photo of you both Sarah.

Well done to you and your daughter

Hugs Lynda x

Well done both of you! No, the legs won't work too well for a day or so! Your brain and fingers do, though. Wedding plans! Not much time to wait. Keep us posted.


Jen xxx

Hiking13 in reply to honjen43

It never stops here - I am just waiting for the first lot of medical equipment to be delivered ready for trying to get Steve home, then up to the hospital and then to see my friend who is doing our photography and music- it’s all go but my legs won’t keep up with my brain!!!

honjen43 in reply to Hiking13

Use the telephone wherever possible!!! And delegate!

You will get there and so will Steve.

Waiting for the picture!


Jen xxx

Thank youxx

Sarah Well done to you and your daughter. I can't believe how well you have both done. Lovely photo of you and your daughter too.

We all want to see those wedding photos now. Glad you are onto that now. Hope I can see the photos as I am having IT problems and not sure how to sort them!

Take care and good luck to you.

Marie x x

Well done to both of you!


Well done ! Hope the wedding goes well.


Well done, you should be proud of yourself with all you have got on. Now you can look forward to next week. Our Grandson is doing the London marathon next year for PSP and has his guest fundraiser this weekend. x

Hiking13 in reply to Dickenson2

Fantastic and good luck to him.



Well done you two! Lovely photo.

I can't wait to see the next one.

Good kuck with your plans.

Sue x


Oop! Sorry ... fat fingers .... I meant, good LUCK with your plans xx

Well done to you both & thanks for sharing the photo, now we know you know how to upload photos we expect wedding ones !!!

Thank you all for your lovely messages. There will definitely be wedding photos next week.


My goodness no end to your energy and talents - many congratulations 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️

Hope the wedding plans are coming along nicely

Love Tippy


Well done you two! - Keep in healthy shape for your new married life ;-)

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