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Some good news


Good morning all, I haven’t posted for a while and when I did I was so touched by all of your lovely messages. Things have improved slightly for my lovely fiancé Steve and I. He has been moved off Critical Care and on to a ward but in his own room as he has MRSA. He still has to have one to one supervision at all times due to his swallowing issues and his tracheostomy, high risk of falls etc etc! The move to the ward wasn’t without many issues and I had to make a formal complaint but enough of that. The excellent news is that he is now considered to have capacity and the hospital are working with me to see whether there is a way of getting him to our wedding on 22nd October (he will need a tracheostomy nurse with him and various bits of equipment) So keep everything crossed as we do desperately want to have our wedding as we planned to build some special memories. I just need to keep Steve stable. The other amazing news is that after some very difficult time consuming exhausting meetings and lots of paperwork we have been granted NHS funding for 24 hour care at home, my house has been measured up for extra rails and grab bars. We are absolutely over the moon as Steve is so desperate to get home and was starting to get really down as he has been in hospital since the end of July. I am very aware that he is resting on a knife edge and that he could decline very rapidly and that there is no happy ending for PSP suffers but I am so happy to be able to get him home. He wants it to happen tomorrow but it will take a few weeks to get everything in place. So to all you lovely people try and have a lovely Sunday and try to make a happy memory with your loved ones 😊xxxx

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Well , that is wonderful is so nice to see


Some brilliant news for you and Steve

Hope you get sorted soon

Sue xx

Fingers crossed he continues in the right direction.


Sorry about that, it happens to me all the time, the texts fly away before I have even have the time to check on spellings etc. But let me continue here:

That you are. Making plans for the future. I am sure you’ll have a lovely wedding day and I hope to. see at least one photo on this forum. Have a very happy day and on the 22nd of October, i will be burning a candle for you both.

Lotts of love,

Anne Baer

Good to hear.

You have worked very hard and deserve some home time together.

Love Jean xx

Always wonderful to hear good news. 💜👍🏽

Good luck to you both and I really hope the 22nd is a good day for you. My Anniversary was the 19th October. We got to 50years so I should be happy about that? I know you won't make it that long but getting married would be great.

Good luck and hope Steve continues to make progress.

Marie x

Good luck and God speed Steve on his recovery.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you both.


It's lovely to hear some positives from what is normally the opposite, so pleased for you both that there is a good chance that you will get to tie the knot later this month, wonderful news. Also a great blessing to get the house sorted so that he can come home to you.

Sending love to you both

Kate xxx

That's excellent news! It sounds like Steve is in good hands so fingers crossed the end of the month.

Love Jeanettec xx


A big hug.



Gosh, you have been working hard!

We all understand the mountains of paperwork and endless meetings it entails.

I'm so pleased things are moving forward for you and you are going ahead with the wedding.

Fingers crossed the 'professionals' can get Steve to the alter.

Wishing you well.

Sue x

That is wonderful news. I hope you and Steve have a lovely wedding and make more lovely memories when he gets to come home. Lots of love Nanny857 xx

Hiking, You are truly the epitome of "Glass Half Full" philosophy!

I salute you - and wish you and Steve the very best of healing, success and every good possibility :-) Can't think of a couple who deserve it more. Do keep in touch!

XXX. Anne G.

Dear Hilling13

Hope all the plans are going well. I was so pleased to hear you can have your wedding and get Steve home. Do let us know how you get on

Lots of love Tippy


This is lovely news to hear. I wish you and Steve all the best and I hope you have a wonderful wedding and enjoy making some lovely memories ❤️

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