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Finally - Just Good News

My husband's trip to the Emergency Room turned out to not be anything associated with his heart. It is a severe inflammation of his esophagus caused by an excess of acid from his stomach. Actually it is an exacerbation of Barrett's Esophagus which is not a good diagnosis but better than a heart attack

It took three days to get my husband into a nursing home so I could get down to see my son. He was discharged from the hospital Wednesday on IV antibiotics and immediately overdid it. He was back at the doctor's office yesterday with instructions to STAY OFF THAT LEG. It is very red and swollen but the infection has not advanced any further. He is very fortunate that the medical people recognized the severity of what was happening so quickly and took immediate corrective action. It probably saved his life or at least his limb.

I am with him now and it is hard to get him to take the need for rest seriously. He has been working on his computer all morning but he is keeping his leg elevated above his heart. The IV nurse will be back this afternoon to continue teaching his wife how to administer the antibiotics.

Thanks to all of you for your support and kind words. It has been a great help to know that you are out there!


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Glad to hear it Caroline. Hang in there



best of luck and good wishes peter jones queensland australia


Well it's lovely to have some better news than you were expecting, always good for the morale!

Keep smiling!


Phew... continue to hang in there ...

N.B. Literally food for thought ----Heard that liquorice icecream helps with stomach/throat acids........

Personally I go auuggghhhhh.


Alana - Western Australia


So happy you get a little sunshine, Caroline. You deserve it and much, much more.




hi caroline i have the same thing as your husband i have been on a tablet called LOSEC for about 20 odd years now and still on it i think they call it gords gastric reflux ===== ive been on it so long ive forgotten what they called it sorry mate i know the lining of the OS$%#@%^&&you know what i mean dont you gets badly burnt by the acids that do the damage anyway matey im gladt hat it was not hes heart take care look after yourself peter jones queensland australia psp suffere as well


Great to hear, Caroline, or 'great' for such complicated situations. Your attitude sound good. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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