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Full Moon

Hi all, long time no post. just wondering if anyone else suffering because of the full moon? I always seem to get more flare up round the time of the full moon, is this just coincidence :, people laugh when I tell them. I had really bad night last night, getting about 3 hours sleep. and this evening I have various aches and pains in a lot of joints, including left side of jaw, shoulders, fingers, knees and feet. I know I haven't over done it. Think I'll go and howl at the moon lol.

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Did you mean to come onto this site? It is for people with PSP and CBD. So not sure we will be able to give you advice about Lupus?

However I know someone who used to work in a mental hospital and he was adamant it caused problems for people. Just looked at a programme on TV about the moon too and it was really interesting. If it can effect the earth then it can certainly cause problems for our bodies I am sure.

Hope you are doing well.

Marie x

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Sorry, but i don't remember your name. But yes, there was a joke that our loved ones always seem to play up, during the full moon. Or, us carers reacted far too quickly to the problems presented to us. Either way, I do believe that the full moon does effect some people.

Lots of love



Anne I agree with you, George has been up coughing for ages, always a bad night when it is a full moon xx xx


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