Ok,wait a lunar minute!

Can someone in the US help me or anyone better with time than I am!? I just saw the moon fairly high in the sky at 6:30pm central daylight time....I'm in Arkansas the moon is supposed to rise at 8:09 pm....How can it be at the eastern horizon at 8 Sunday if it seems to have risen at 4:30 pm on Friday? Is it setting when the eclipse happens?

May the Eclipse be with Us,...whenever it is


oh but may I say NannaB, you are right, it, the moon , is glorious right now !

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  • When the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars.

    Sorry, Abirke! I could not resist! I'm trying to cheer myself up with humor. Well a rather dry humor I suppose.:)

    Anyway, try timeanddate.com for a more sensible approach.:)


  • One of my favorite songs Jeannie and you did it so well :)


  • I haven't heard that song in ages (no pun intended)

    Thank you Jeannie, will look at that timeanddate.com site.

    Hope you get to a cloudless night, Audrey!


  • I think the group that sang it was the Fifth Dimensions and that was a long time ago. Loved them. AVB

  • The Fifth Dimension wow that takes me back!

  • Sure does, I know I am older than you abirke

  • 54 goin on 80! I had older brothers and my mom was into "modern" music. So I was influenced by more than just the Monkees hahaha

  • 76 here. Your a baby :)

  • Waaah!!!;)

  • abirke, Ha, from this old lady who is very tired today :(

  • Well as usual it is raining here in Fl. Our chances of seeing anything, usually the weather does not cooperate.

  • Here's hoping. Maybe this time you'll see it. I hope so.


  • JHI MASTE AVB I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT florida usa had a wonderful climate

    perhaps it has something to do with the moon matey now mrs avb when your first mail come on here today I though hello we j have got somebody who is highly intelligent and a authority on the moon and the universe but then i saw your

    second mailadking anyone in the US of A could help you i thought to myself again hello she is having a go at us she must have thought how can a load of brain surgeons know about the moon etc and one of them cant even get hes new computer going properly I will stick with some of us thar are more inteligent of course I am only joking mrs avb overhead the moon is beaming white as blossoms on the bough nothing is heard but the song of a bird filling all the air with dreaming

    no time to check it over now so see yer mrs avb tske care matey its ok mrs avbI have a funny five mins coming on ,mate blamethaton psp matey hsve a great day

    see yrr peter jones qld australia

  • NPR "makes me all the smart" I can handle, MrPeterJones! I heard a news report (on National Public Radio) interviewing a scientist who told me most of what I shared with ya'll ....Well you have a lovely day sir, and Mrs J! The moon is beautiful, isn't it,,,;)

  • h i yes of course it is mrs avb howsit going matey ok i hope now I was wondering where you got all that technical stuff from matey at least you are honet mrs avb I would probably let everybody think i knew it all no I would'nt really matey whats that piece about your words mate I can handle mr peter jones how do you know that mrs avb =========did you get from your NPR pleaser don't take me to seriously matey see yer peter jones Q;L;D; AUSTRALIA

  • Peterjones, the piece was just about this wkds. equinox. I don't know who the scientist was...but I did think him rather poetic when he noted that the light we see on the moon at equinox, is either the sunrise or sunset someone in the world ....wow , how beautiful!

    I think if you go to npr.org you might find it in show called, 'Science Friday' (9/25/15).




  • Yah I got it Mr Jones, In fact I get it every full moon! hahaha...

    ...And so did alot of my students.....I have a friend who is a psychiatric nurse who HATES working on full moons.....all the lunatics get more loony and she says she really earns her money that week!

    With this super moon, I wonder if they were more loony! I'm always loony so I can't really tell...hahah


  • From little Rock Arkansas

    Begins Sunday 27th. 19.11

    Maximum 21.47

    Ends Monday 28th. 00.22

    Google told me. I'm not clever enough to work it out myself.



  • Yes, thank you NannB. It's not at moon rise, it's when moon is in the sky that it begins the penumbral phase, which means we will get to see moon go into earths shadow at 19.11hours! and it will be in full shadow at 21.47 hours.....This is probably why I miss drs appts.! The other day we went to one when we should have gone to the other. Had to cancel one and go to the other on the next day (as scheduled).....Is it the lack of HAVING to ever be anywhere that is atrophying my brain.....ugh

    Well B got up to potty now I'm up and its only 2:38 am...think I'll give sleep another go


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