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Today is going to be very hard, celebrating Christmas without my mum around the table. Family was everything to Mum and she would want us to be together and celebrate. For you Mum I’ve got 14 people coming for Xmas dinner, not sure how I’m going to get through it but I will for you.

Since Mum passed away 5 weeks ago I have continued daily to read all your posts, not from being nosey but because I worry about you all and want to make sure your all ok. The support I have been given from this group was amazing and I know I would not have got through the last 5 years without you all because nobody else understood.

Mums now at peace and laid to rest and i need to forget “shitty psp “ so it has to be time for me to leave this group so that I can bin psp from my thoughts

Massive love and hugs to you all



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Don’t blame you Jayne! Keep strong x


Jayne we will miss you, I am sure you will check in from time to time, hope all went well today sending you a big hug Yvonne xxxx


Hello Jayne, hope your Christmas dinner was a great success.

I am so glad that you and others who have seen their loved ones through to the end DO come back in and comment: your experience is so critically important to us newbies - you don't know how much we learn from your journey, so thank you for coming back!

Best wishes for the new year :-)

Anne G


I feel the same way, I don't think I could continue with the forum when mum is gone. I'm not sure how some on the forum have so much strength to continue positing when their loved ones have passed away.

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