I miss you all

I am kinda selfish here since we 'got' PSP in 2013 andon this site since '15..and died in '17...I miss those who were in that time...I want to make it a goal to give each and every one of you a hug...probably starting with you ec......US people let me know who you are I don't know when but I would love to give us all a hug...UK you're about 50,000 sq miles big (80,600 km) I would love to spend a month or year in you neck of the woods the Uk not each neck . You've done so much for me

Love you all



Greet each other with a holy kiss... Romans 16:16


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  • A great big hug being sent to you Andrea. Let me know if you make it to the UK.

    Lots of love from Bev


  • Will do my friend!

  • Maybe now's your chance to travel the world Andrea. What about a 'Gap Year' for widows (I hate that word!).


  • Vicki I hate that word too! Wonder who invented it? The word I mean rather than the break.

    Marie x

  • /which came first the spider or the loved one....


  • Yes travel...My son used helpx.org when he traveled....you have to work and they feed you or give a stipend.....If I can work at McDonalds, I can work anywhere!


  • It shocks me ever time uses that word to describe me....I'm not either, see I still have my wedding ring on.....not ready to give up on that denial or maybe a belief that he;s just gone on and I will meet him again....


  • Andrea same here! In fact I have three rings on my left hand! My own which doesn't fit my ring finger now sits on my pinkie! G's and my Mother's wedding rings are on my ring finger. Hope people don't think I am some strange woman. Oh I forgot they do already!! 😁

    Love and hugs to you Andrea.

    Marie x

  • Hi Vicki, I’ve decided to extend my gap year. I couldn’t cram enough into this one. Belonging to a U3A group of 300 pensioners it has reminded me again and again how life can be cut short or how circumstances change in the blink of an eye. I organised a meal for 102 of them yesterday (outside caterers and entertainer) and 2 single ladies couldn’t come as they had become seriously ill in the last few days.

    Off to pack for Australia and Thailand now.

    I hope your Christmas is a happy one. Our darlings would want us to be happy.

    Lots of love


  • Andrea it is great to hear from you. You were always there for me when I felt desperate. I hope I was there for you too. Now we are living the new normal. Well trying to? I am up and down a lot still.

    Wouldn't it be great to have a get together? A great big group hug would do us all good.

    I am glad you have been 'selfish' as you call it. Keep it up! We are all that way wanting to hang onto each other. I don't think it is selfish at all. Who else understands?

    I would love to meet you. Even if we can't do that we can keep in touch?

    Marie x

  • I just got done watching the movie , The 33. About a Chilean gold mine that left 33 men stranded over a thousand feet (304m). the men are still "family to this day as they spent over two months in the most treacherous experience in their life....can we relate?....half of us did not make it out alive....and the other half are picking our selves up, dusting ourselves off and starting anew. What a long strange trip it's been


  • I think we probably can relate Andrea. It has been something of a nightmare? We are all here however and hopefully getting there. Wherever there is!

    I am going to a Carol Service next week. Looking forward to it. Tonight I am going out for a meal with some women. A person I know asked me a few weeks ago would I like to go so I did. We only go to a pub and have a meal. The food is great and really cheap too!

    I also took my Granddaughter to a 5* hotel for lunch as a Christmas treat. She was so delighted. Her eyes were soaking it all in and she had a nice meal which actually wasn't expensive.

    So that will be something she will always remember? We should all have happy and special memories. Probably can't afford to be doing daft things like that either but I feel when I pass on she will always remember it.

    Take care of yourself Andrea.

    Hugs and much love to you.

    Marie x

  • Big hug back to you, Andrea. This time of year is challenging, isn't it? But I went to a gorgeous community choir concert yesterday, with readings and carols, in a beautiful romanesque church, and felt curiously comforted. I wish the same for everyone. Love, ec

  • ooh I can just hear the beautiful voices echoing within the halls (nave) of the church...I'm glad you had that experience


  • Andrea, miss you as well. How are you doing? Hug back

    Auddonz (Audrey)

  • I'm sort of antsy...I gotta go and gots no money to go....Besides seeing you all, I just really want to go on a long hike....the Appalcian mts...or maybe a few miles /km's of the Camillo Santiago...right now I just walk the dog..hahaha


  • One of my dogs just had a seizure at the groomer. When the chit hits the fan it does it right. Waiting to hear from the vet.


  • Hugs to you Andrea


  • Hugs back at ya Kevin


  • AVB....................prayers of comfort to you.

  • Andre I love you, such an amazing lady, you are always welcome in my neck of the woods, I. Hertfordshire, uk always a place for you to stay for stay as you like would be great if we could all meet someday,Meeting up with all these lovely people. Yvonne xxxxx

  • And likewise my old house in North West Arkansas is open to all!


  • Oh thank you xxx

  • Amen, friend thank you


  • Thank you all for such wonderful thoughts

    See you ...soon

    Love, Andrea

  • Thanks Andrea for the group hug-hope all your dreams and wishes come true!

  • Thank you Jan ALL my dreams and wishes.....does that including ridding myself of everybody's (my kids') stored items in MY house....hahahah Oh and take your dang car, son! you know you'll never drive it again!


  • I know the feeling. It's strange how we miss the comradeship of everyone, from those awful times. I am starting to look back, knowing that I am a lot better, recovering slowly, from the trials of caring. Now I just have to learn to live without Steve. A small minor task, I don't think!!! I have the triple whammy coming up, my birthday, (24th), First Christmas, then the anniversary on the 28th. All my plans are in place, out on my birthday, loads of people coming for Christmas Day, then off to the Canaries for the week. Having lots of fun, getting all the crazy things we have planned for Christmas. Covered all bases, to hopefully get through, without crashing, except the one that I know will bite me where it hurts. Hey ho, I loved the man, can't expect, or even want to get through, completely unscathed.

    I'm with you on your quest AVB. I feel fortunate to have met a few on here, GeorgePa, Katiebow, Loppylugs, Quickjel and Sawa, when can I meet the rest of you?????

    Big hugs to you Andrea and everyone else, with a huge thank you, for getting me as far along this road, that I have managed to travel. A long way to go yet, but for the first time, I am beginning to realise that I can do it.

    Lots of love


  • boy you really packed it in there , didn't ya....what with birthday Christmas and anniversary all in the same week! Well darlin I am "hearing" the Canaries calling you so I hope you have a wonderful trip...if you feel like doing it then go for it! well I guess within reason...hahaha


  • I know the feeling, I too miss everybody on the site, but for some reason don't feel so addicted to it as I was when hubby was alive, yes hate the word widow

    Sending you a hug

    Debbie xxx

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