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Miss you mum xxxx


It’s took me since Christmas to write this. My beautiful, wonderful , strong mum lost her battle just before Christmas. She fought well to the end but I’m so empty without her. I know she is at peace now and enjoying life “up there” but I’m hurting so much 😔

Poem about PSP

How did it happen? From where did it come?

This monstrous illness known only by some.

No treatment to help, no cure is in sight,

It strikes with a vengeance, like a thief in the night.

It's symptoms are many though diagnosis not clear,

Victim's held in suspense with unending fear.

As each stage develops a part of self goes,

As it renders them helpless to life that each knows.

Confined to a wheelchair and later to bed,

Unable to eat by self, now must be fed.

Sometimes a feeding tube it must be.

As they think of life past now prisoners not free.

Deprived now of speech, eyes fixed in a stare,

Others could think, "that person's not there"

Don't fool yourself people, the brain is intact

Each word that you utter - he knows exact.

Sometimes he may signal with a finger or two,

Until he's unable to show them to you.

Is this not torture - this sentence to death ?

They struggle to live until the last breath.

What will it take for a cure to be found,

To give hope of life before they're in the ground.

This evil invader is called PSP

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So sorry to hear. Hugs for you in your grieving.

Each word of your poem matches exactly with my moms condition. Please share how long you mom suffered with psp

steph75 in reply to amrittsk

Mum had PSP for approximately 9-10 years

She refused a feeding tube. She lived life to the full even at the end

Trillo in reply to steph75

How old was your mum. That's quite a long time to suffer. I'm hoping my husband isn't suffering for that long. Hard to watch.


amrittsk in reply to steph75

My mom is suffering since 7 years, she is unable to speak and only says hmmm hmmm when she feels any problem, what was condition of your mom in the 7th year

Dear Steph,

I am so sorry to hear about your mum's passing. I'm grateful for her release, but I remember the lost and hollow feeling I had when I lost my mum. Your poem is chillingly real :-(

Hugs to you in this sad time.

Anne G.


My sincerest condolences to you x

So sorry for your loss ... a poem with words so true ..... take care. Jxx

Such a true poem. As you say , your mum is free from this evil ilness. RIP.

A very poignant poem and so true it’s awful I feel I loose a bit of my mum daily. Thoughts and hugs sending your way x

Thank you for sharing your poem. Tragically so true .

Sending you much love.x

Beautiful poem from heart, that only a few privileged people will understand.

I am sorry that your Mum has passed away, may she rest in peace finally free from this evil disease.

Sending big hug and much love

Lots of love


So sorry. I lost my dear Mum 3 years ago this Easter and your poem rings true on every line. We only had a correct diagnosis about 6 weeks before Mum passed away ... I was not aware of this group or any of the help that was out there. My Mum was also a fighter... she always wanted to know 'what is wrong with me' and we continued the rounds of neurologists being given Parkinson's meds &as her main carer (only child), I struggled to get any sort of help.... I don't need to go on. Yes, I miss her every day but in a way glad she has been released from having to deal with such an undignified illness.....I just now try and pass on the info about PSP as much as I can. Thinking of you.

Beautiful but sad poem. So sad to hear you are still suffering so much, this evil illness affects all the family, not only the patient.


Your poem touches the heart. Thanks for sharing such a difficult feeling via your poem..be strong for your mom...take care...Lydia

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