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Hope you are doing OK, Jillannf6. We love you!

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Thanks, Jillann for liking one of my comments! Keep thinking about you and wondering if that keyboard of yours is still going.

You must be joining in every now and again. So pleased to see that!

So when you pop in, leave your finger on to like and we will know you are still in touch with us.

Big, big hug from me! Must be nearly time for another party. We could gatecrash Liz'! She is having a birthday party next Sunday.


Jen xxx

PS. Let us know if Jill has been liking your comments too!

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Thank you Jen - I was thinking about doing a post titled "Does JillAnn still "like" us?" ...wondering if she was still reading the site :-)

You are so well loved here Jillann - please keep in touch if you can - we will always want to know how things are with you. (Even those of us who joined later...but have read all your historic posts ;-)

Hugs to you! XXX

Anne G.


Yes I got a letter like too! So Jill you made my day! I have been thinking of you a lot and wondering how you are doing. When I saw the like I wanted to give you a hug! Haven't got an emoji for a hug or even a heart! So silly that I just didn't think of replying to you! Thanks Jen I am thinking at last! 😊

Love and hugs to you and Jill.

Marie x

Hi Jillanf

Hugs to you.

I keep coming across your great posts here.

Waiving warmly :)


Everyone, please let us know if Jillian likes any of our posts - as the rest of us won't see it ! :-)

I've been wondering too. Hugs to you Jill xx

Thinking of you Jill 👍


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