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The time has come to get household help.......

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I have just spent 60mins trying to get my duvet cover on. I have failed and now have the cover as a sheet with the duvet on top. My left arm seems incapable of doing what I want it to do.

Also unable to get the pillow cases on.

Luckily I am not too stressed about it and realize it is just another hurdle that I have to cross.

The journey continues.



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What a wonderful example you are of cheerful resilience. Knowing when to accept and when to fight is a real skill !

Love from Jean xx

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abirke in reply to doglington

Well said Jean!

Doglingtons reply is exactly my are a wonderful example of resilience. Knowing when to ask for help comes with understanding of your needs ; courage and dare I say humility. I encourage you and your "team' to do the things that will help you get things done.



Your not alone with this task . I'm not the one with psp in our house , and I don't find it an easy thing to do, there are many jobs that get left and forgotten about .its a question of , this year next year sometime never...well maybe not as long as that , I'm sure you know what I mean...Brenda xxx ps pop a nice fleecy blanket over the top , it makes a nice change..

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Pjgil in reply to Brenive

And you aren't alone either madam!

Just you wait until I am 5 minutes down the road, you and dad will be sick of the sight of me! All annoying tasks will get done in a flash including the darn quilt cover. Pj xxx


I would have been dead inside of 15 minutes.

I hate that task so much !

Home helps are wonderful. Around here we have companies who train cleaners to work in pairs, often two women, or a husband and wife... They have a system and the house is cleaned top to bottom in 1.5 hours... £39.00.

I would never be without them now.

They do ironing,washing and I expect downie covers as extra time.

I admire your fortitude!



(Who has swallowed the anchor long before you will).

Thank you all for your comments....

I just have to get my flat TIDIED UP before I get a cleaner. I have found a nice lady who is a cleaner and she will add me to her list.

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Brenive in reply to Bargiepat

Thats great , I wiil have to do that one .but not yet ..Brenda

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doglington in reply to Bargiepat

I had the same problem. It did mean I had to keep tidy too !

Agree with Jean. Patrick just get the cleaner in she can spend a bit more time cleaning at the beginning. Would not be without my cleaner, every other week. I hate changing the bed. Yvonne xxxxx

You are a great role .model, Bargiepat! Let the cleaner into your home as it is! You will be so much more relaxed once she has 'tidied you up'!

It was always my shout to the family the night before my cleaner came. "Tidy up everyone!" Still the same today - and there is only me now!


Jen xxx

I am soooooooooooooo glad that you have decided to seek help. You, after a few visits, will probably question why you didn't do this matter the cost.

My bachelor son, before the PSP came to visit him, had a cleaning lady come in every two weeks. After each visit he would call me immediately and tell me how his house sparkled and how grateful he was to have the house cleaned. He got the idea from my father. I hired a cleaning lady for my dad and he had the same one my son had. AFter my dad died, my son inherited her.

We are of Mexican descent and we all are/were bilingual. We live in Los Angeles, and the cleaning lady became like family. I wish this for you.

I look back and wonder why I did not get another caretaker helper for my son......watching the money, thinking my son had many many more years ahead of him.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you how it all works out.

Prayers and blessings.............

I wouldn’t worry about that just don’t come to my neck of the woods my house is so disorganized 😕 it something I have to live with no ones putting anythings away I use to have this house cleaned all the time. Not any more

It’s very frustrating.

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I’ve decided this year there are no duvet covers. One less thing to deal with.

Keep on... keeping on.

Patrick I don't know what my excuse is!! I hate changing bedding and always feel worn out at the end if it.

Get someone to clean the house and don't worry about cleaning it first! I know we all feel like that but you need help now not in a few weeks time!

Hugs to you.

Marie x

Bless you Pat, if I lived nearby I’d come and help you x

Duvet covers. The bane of all our lives. Bring back blankets, well not really. But changing covers is a nightmare, no two ways about it. Lol i remember tidying my mothers house before the cleaner came. Madness.


On Tuesday the lovely lady who cleans the flat stairways etc. is going to visit and give me a quote for a full on clean . She says she will probably be able to do me every other week.

She only lives nearby.

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