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Tough day and more to come

Yesterday was not a good day,Trying to get so many things done and I keep running in to road blocks.

I have to be so blunt to get things done and you know the look you get when you have to explain what PSP is. Dealing with insurance company's, trying to rent out our house,and selling my car and that's always fun dealing with scam emails . As I was laying in bed and I covered up the little dogs and making sure my husband was all cover up as it was getting a little cool in the house . It came to me that it been a very long time since anyone cover me up and its going to stay that way. He is slipping away so fast. We had a talk yesterday because I'm sometime not sure if he really know what is a head of him,so again I hand to be very blunt .I wont go there right now ,It was tough . I feel like a very tight ball of yarn and someone is just about to start picking at the threads and I'm going to unravel .I would like say to the people who are on this site and dealing with this stinking disease I wish I could hug it out of you. ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Hope this makes sense .

Thanks You for this Web site and all who are member's of a club that no body wants to be in.

Deidre in BC

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I'm sending you a massive virtual "hug". :-) You can have one any time you need one.


Hi Deirdre - a very big hug from me as well. Take care. Xxxx



hi deidre well mate what can i say to you to make you feel comfortable first i would like to say\ get any of your friends and go out for the evening have a good old chat and if you have a drink grab a glass of wine things will fall into place for you\\ i know the problems seem insurmountable at the moment i know this because my wife has to run the house now and she was never used to it just small things like taking garbage out the extra washing up after meals checking on the post things that i used to do putting a screw in here and there a bit of painting and trying to pick me up when i fall down theres a million things that i used to do which she has to do now ]\ boy wasnt i a good bloke\ no wonder shes complaining but i do my best to help if i can which your husband would do if he could im sure mate so before you explode go get your hair done have sometime to yourself mate and lastly a big hug from me to you

\\ your a champiion mate along with all the other carers that have problems at this terrible time take care of yourself the days will get better]]\\ peter jones queensland australia

australia psp sufferer


Hi Deidre, It makes a lot of sense. Think we need a group hug.



HUG,HUG,HUG to all Thanks.And peter knowing that you are the one with PSP and you are giving me words of encouragement means so much.You and the other on this site with PSP who are still marching on just amaze me .You Rock !!!


there deidre you sound better already and i bet you have not had that glass of wine yet either hang in there mate there's a lot of us in the same boat i think its cslled'' frustration'' peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer


Dear Deirdre,

Two years ago a friend - Michelle gave me a Christmas gift that was given with genuine heart. It was a beaded gadget to use as a back rest to help an aching back I had. A couple of months ago my daughter located the item and gave it to me to use, and followed with a big 'ginormous' hug. Apologies to Michelle, but guess which I prefer?

So telepathic HUGS to you,

Regards, Alana - Western Australia

N.B. Cold weather - What's that? Here we are headed towards the hottest temperatures on record - Closed in footwear is even too stifling to wear!


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