Thank you.

Thank you.

Lovely people of this site,

Thank you for all your kind words over the last few weeks. As you will know from Dad (Georgepa) the funeral was a true celebration of my wonderful Mum for which I am truly grateful.

And now to the next part of our lives........

To say I feel empty, depleted, exhausted, emotional would be an understatement- however much you know the inevitable ending for PSP it's still something you are never prepared for and I don't think it's really sunk in yet. Dad and I have kept going for so long, we've held it together, we've been strong and brave so I suppose it's not surprising we both now feel so totally "spent"

Tomorrow my Mum & Dad would have celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary and that just breaks my heart but it also makes me hugely proud that I have had a Mum & Dad whose love was certainly for better or for worse, in sickness & in health and such a magnificent example to me of what true love is..

I cannot express how much I miss my Mum, there is a huge hole in my heart. Dad and I will start a new chapter of our lives - this horrible illness has brought us even closer together and we will continue to support each other and find things to smile about again but at this moment in time, life doesn't feel very jolly..

With this in mind, I'm going to take a break from this site, I want to concentrate on remembering my Mum as the vibrant, dynamic and amazing woman she was and not on the last few years when PSP destroyed so much.

I'm sending you all much love and strength to cope with everyday, every hour and I'm sure I'll pop on now and again when life doesn't feel so raw.....

Much love

Kate xxxx

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  • Good luck, Kate. Its been a long and trying battle..............

    However you have so many memories of your mum and these will sustain you I know.

    You and your dad will give so much comfort to each other. Their marriage, as you say, was a true example of how we all hope it will be.

    Big hug from Jean xx

  • We will miss Kate. You know where we are, if you need to chat.

    Lots of love


  • Kate will also miss you, you have been an amazing daughter to your mum and dad, may she rest in peace away from this horrible illness. Big hug coming your way. Yvonne xxxx

  • Kate It will take time to get over the loss of your Mum and also to remember the happy times before she became ill. I am still struggling 5 months later.

    Your Dad is very lucky to have such a kind and thoughtful daughter. You are lucky to have such a kind and caring Dad. Take care and we will be here when you need to chat again. It is very hard to move away from this site as only here do people truly understand what we all go through.

    Take care Kate and look after yourself. I am sorry that your Mum and Dad didn't get to their 50th wedding Anniversary. However it doesn't mean they were not together for 50 years? My husband always told everyone we had been together for x number of years all through our life together as he counted from our first date! So they were together for more than 50 years too? Take care of each other.

    Marie x

  • Dear Kate,

    God bless you honey. You have been and are now a wonderful daughter and friend...

    May your next journey be filled with good memories and wonderful new experiences.

    When you want to say hi, do drop us a line....


  • ❤️ XxxX

  • I am sorry for your loss.


  • Thank you Kate and thank you George for your sharing your journey , may your road ahead be smooth because we all know it was a tuff ride before.

    Grab life and ride it for all its worth.

    Dee in BC

  • I'm so sorry for the loss of your mum. You've done an amazing job being there for both your parents. You're right to get away from the forum, it must be very painful. The first step will always be hard but I hope you can try and remember your mum before PSP. Take care xx

  • Take care

    Sending love and hugs



  • Kate, so sorry for your loss. It is so very hard to just let go let your body to rest. You were so busy caring for your mom. It will take time but the sun will come out tomorrow. Love you take care of your self. Jenny

  • Thinking of you tomorrow,make it a special day,

    Love xx

  • Simply hugs Kate and lots of them x

  • Wow what a picture ! I have a treasured picture of Rog with delma on her wedding day only three years ago, tall upright and smiling and so proud.

    We will raise a glass and feeder cup tonight to her memory!

    Go forward my darling , the over riding thread through this site is underneath all the crap is the deep passion and love felt for our warriors,

    Julie x

  • Hi Kate

    Such a beautiful picture

    You and your dad need to recover from everything you have all gone through

    Take care both of you and cherish the thoughts and memories that you have locked in your heart


    Sue x

  • Many thanks to you and your dad for your contributions Kate. Peter.

  • Take care kate. God bless you and your father at this sad time.


  • Much love to you, your dad and family and say a big thankyou to georgepa's wonderful, inspiring posts over the years.

    Denise xx

  • Kate. So good to hear from you

    Life won't be the same ever again

    After taking time to grieve and take care of yourselves pick up the pieces and find your new normal. It's all part of the process. Make sure to come back because you can still find comfort during the hard times and also help others in the meantime which is comforting too. Hugs and prayers.

  • You are as lovely as she was, a true testament to you love. She was obviously very proud of you. Keep that thought always.


  • Beautiful photo to treasure for ever X

  • I will miss your post , dont know what to say to you and your dad , hope time heals, and thanks for the photos you have both put on for us to enjoy....good Brenda x

  • Dear Kate, can I take time to say goodbye to you as you take time to grieve and recover from the loss for of your lovely mum. You obviously feel proud to be her daughter and I'm sure she was equally proud of you. I wish you and your Dad well as you take time to recover/reflect and know that you will be a tremendous support for each other over the coming, days, months and years ahead. Take good care of yourself and your dear Dad.

    Love Kate xxx

  • A very precious photo. Thank you for your posts, I wish you and your dad every blessing for the new chapters in your lives. When the pain has eased please do drop in and let us know how you're getting on. Sending you much love, Nanny857xx

  • God bless you Kate. Go and rebuild life with your dad and recall all those beautiful memories you shared with your mum. She is at peace now. Celebrate her life before psp. Sending you much love, Michele xxxxx

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