Thank you!

Thanks everyone for your responses to my last post, you all made me feel more positive!

I've had a lovely day today with my mum and sister, went for lunch and then hit the shops! My mum treated me to a lovely top for my birthday and I had a reasonable nights sleep last night so am feeling recharged!

Keith has been for a long walk (in his wheelchair) with the new sitter, he is really nice and is coming again next week to take him out weather permitting. Keith liked him so that was a big relief!

I've also had a long chat with Keith about the Hospice, told him that it's not just for him but a chance for me to have a few hours to myself and some kind of normality, I think he realises that now and has decided to give it a few more weeks and then decide what he wants to do.

Again thank you for taking the time to post to me, I know your lives are hard too and it's very much appreciated!

Much love to you all and your families....Pat xx

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  • I'm so glad things have turned around a bit for you. Thanks for the upbeat post. It cheered me up!

  • Me too glad you had a good day, look after yourself Yvonne xxxxxxx

  • Glad to hear things are looking better today.

    love, Jean

  • jhi patricia

    i m si glad u are feeling better today.

    i had a day of medical appts. yesterday and did not get home until 7 pm = after 2 visits to our walk in centre and the second one was 2+ HRS long too get a piece of glass out of my forearm which had been there for nearly 5 years since my car accident when i gave up driving

    oi ha ve had 2 x 12 week sessions at he local hospice which i hav e really enjoyed and hope 4 another a soon

    pls tell `Keith `hat it is not about dying in there but living - albeit with a terminal illness

    lol jill

    hugs `and xxxx to yu nd keith

  • Well Done Pat! It's surprising what a good night sleep and a couple of hours off can do!

    Glad we were all able to help. It's why we are all here to support each other. It's good to receive the supportive posts, but we all get just as much from actually writing posts that can give a fellow sufferer (carer or PSP sufferer) some comfort. I certainly feel, that for once, I can do something positive and not fire fight, like I seem to spend most days doing!!!

    Lots of love


  • hi heady\

    \dont beat yourself up either -

    fire fighting is or the academics not the amateurs

    lol jill


  • You are right Jill. Thanks!

    Lots of love


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