Supportive chairs for people with PSP

Hi all my father has been diagnosed with PSP for a number of years. He is now in the advanced stage where he has no speech, doubly incontinent and unable to weight bear. Until recently he has been able to spend time in a recliner chair but sadly due to muscle stiffness and lack of core strength he often ends up slipping down the chair and is unable to straighten himself, resulting in my 84 year old mother having to ask neughbours for help. As a result he now spends 24hrs in bed. He has carers in 4x a day and they use a hoist to get him out of the bed so it can be changed.

My father now looks depressed and despondent and sleeps all the time. We would love to get him into a chair or a wheelchair so he has at least some quality of life outside a bed. We are thinking maybe a wheelchair with a safety belt may be an option?

The OT has been no help at all. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of this or recommendations of companys.

We are based in Coventry UK.

Thanks for any advice you may have

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  • There are some chairs that give support with those Cerebral palsy or even quadriplegics.....but thats all I husband was the same way....


  • What are they called what make please

  • CC,

    there are several companies. I saw one on internet, Karman Manufacturing. I think they are based in US but the UK will have medical supply stores with info you would need. We never had a specialty chair, I just know that my students had some great chairs!

    Good luck, hope all is as well as can be,


  • We have had two custom built but I am forever trying adjust to make more comfy ..

    would never manage without it though

  • I'm looking at wheelchairs for my father as well (in NZ). I'm looking at a "Quickie Iris" chair. If you google "tilt in space wheelchairs" you will see some options. You may need to push for some help, a physio therapist should be able to help. Good luck.

  • Thanks both. Services in the UK are very patchy. OTs are supposed to recommend seating but don't. We already spent over £1k on a recliner chair which is inadequate for him now. Such a dire situation!

  • We are renting a tip and tilt chair by the month. It is pretty expensive -£200 a month - but worth it if he can go into the chair for a few hours a day. If you message me I will send you the details. We are awaiting a chair from the OT but no sign yet so I have just paid for another month.

    My husband is at exactly the same stage as your father by the sound of it although he has CBD

  • My Dad is not yet at that stage, but has started to slump to one side. I imagine this is going to become more of a problem.

  • They have wheelchairs that have very tall backs. They also tilt. So he would. E leaning slightly backward and not slide forward. Medicare covered my husbands. It was very comfortable.

  • Sorry about you father it is so over the top my brother is doling the same he was and still is in a wheel chair and slides out because of the stiffness in his legs and neck but he becomes very uncomfortable with a belt to hold him in, so we have to take it out, he's just about bed bound, such a terrible disease. Nettie

  • My mum is going through the same stage. We're looking at a Kirton chair, ive tried to post a picture but can't do it. It is expensive but offers the support needed. Hope it helps, worth doing research into it, we're doing the same.

  • We have chairs through the Ot even those are not perfect though we are struggling the same way . Are u using the Kylie slide and turn sheets they are excellent I can adjust John on my own ,

  • Cool, wish I had those sheets when I needed them!

  • They are brilliant can even uhang them in the ceiling hoist to turn , then place a wedge .

    If they slip does the bed I can lower the back if the bed , slide him easily to make straight , then I pull the top sheet tomslide him back up the bed .

  • That's a great idea. Sadly my mum is in her mid 80s and quite frail so wouldn't be able to adjust him but it's food for thought. We are looking into getting him a wheelchair. We would like a safety belt (almost like you get on a stroller pram for babies). Controversial I know but at the moment he stuck in bed deteriorating fast

  • wife is going through more or the less the same as your poor father..........keeps slipping/falling out of her recliner resulting in horrible with you if we weren't lucky with a very kind neighbour who has been around when the falls have happened i don't think my wife would still be at home...........trying to get OT out asap.........not much help i know but if i learn anything will pass it on

    Gerry in Birmingham

  • Good luck Gerry. We are in neighbouring Coventry and OT have been useless!! We are opting for a wheelchair now so at least he can get out of bed for a few hours. Social care have also fitted a hoist on the ceiling.

    Please message me and let me know how you get on. Kind regards

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