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40th Day

Tomorrow marks the 40th day since my mom left this place due to PSP.

I've posted here 7 months ago asking for help on how not to worsen her condition and I am more than thankful to those who message me giving advices and help. My mother was admitted for the third time last November 2016 and stayed there for almost 3 weeks. On her 1st week, she's still strong and can communicate with us but as the days go by she started to get weak and only communicate with us thru hand signs. We were able to have her cleared from pneumonia but after 2 weeks of staying at home she was rushed again in the emergency room due to severe difficulty of breathing. She was declared dead on arrival but the doctor's were able to revive her. The thing is she's severely unconscious and advised to be put in ICU. It is on her 1st week of stay in the ICU when she was declared in a state of coma. It's been a very difficult situation for all of us since the outcome of her situation will be all or none. I started crying because I've been hoping that my mother will be able to get through it. We celebrated christmas and even welcomed new year in the hospital hoping that she'll wake up. I've been having lots of emotional breakdown due to her situation and attending school until I reached the point that I'm ready to accept whatever the outcome is. We celebrated her 58th birthday in the hospital and after 9 days she decided to left us.

It's been a very tough journey not just for us but even for her. Knowing that she'll be able to rest and doesn't have to go through any pain is a big relief for me.

To my mama, wherever you are, you'll always be my true love and if we'll meet each other again in our next lives I hope you will still be my mother. I love you ma! You'll always be in my heart.

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I am sorry to hear about your Mum, may she rest in peace, finally free from this evil disease.

Lots of love



Arenna, I am so sorry for all you, your mother and your family have suffered. She was too young for this, as must you be, too. She surely was a wonderful woman to have inspired such love in you, and the love does live on. That is part of her legacy, the love that is in your heart. I hope happy memories come to comfort you. Peace, ec






Hello, Jill, dear! How are you? I'm always glad to see you liking something I wrote, and would love to know how your vacation went recently. Was is spring in Yorkshire? Love, ec


Thank you so much for your kind words! May God bless us all


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