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Has anyone managed to find anything our whether a pensioner can get an equivalent of Motability ? Ive looked into it, and it seems that once you retire, you can't get it, which is like saying that once you've stopped contributing to the nation you don't need to go out and should just sit in your home!

My Meriva is getting well past its best and its getting harder and harder to get David into the car, despite it having wide front seat doors, so I'm trying to find out if there is any help for him car/transport wise.


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I'm afraid thats my understanding too. Very unfair. I believe that if someone has a car they can continue with it after retirement. Doesn't really make sense, does it ?

We will soon need a car that I could wheel the wheelchair into. Is there a hire system ? I probably won't need it very long.

Jean x


If you received motobility before a pension then it continues with your pension,however sadly if you need to apply after pension age then it's not available. Pensioners cannot receive carers allowance either as state pension is considered a benefit as well as carers allowance and you can not have 2 benefits.

Wonder who sits and works all this out !!!!



You can get Carer's Allowance as long as you don't claim your pension first! Afterwards you can claim your pension as obviously they will take it away when your lived one dies. Found that out by accident!

Marie x


Unfortunately if you apply for disability after 65 you are not entitled to the motability component so can't get an adapted car but if you get ill before 65 and eligible for the mobility component you get to keep it after 65. It is madness indeed & so unfair in my eyes.

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No is the answer, however there are charities particularly if you belonged to a profession, I am having to consider changing the car soon and I am thinking of leasing seems a better option, keep us up to speed which model you go for , interested in what's out there.

Julie x

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Hi. I'd be very interested to find out as I'm in the same boat. I wanted to have new car adapted a few years ago but was told, like you, that 65 was the magic age. Obviously we'd all get better then and need no more help duh

I wonder if that wonderful informative may Kevin would know. We'll watch and wait. Marie


All the above information is right ,bonkers system .


It depends on your benefit, Motorbility is only interested if you are on higher rate mobility on DLA or enhanced rate mobility PIP. You can only claim these if you are under state pension age, but if you have them before this age they continue to be paid and so does the entitlement to Motorbility.

If you are not on these then you are not eligible. Attendance Allowance which is for people over 65 on first application is in my view unfairly reduced in cash value as you have a state Pension, but it is easier to claim than PIP.

I must say if you already have a vehicle and you need adaptations to help get in/out of the vehicle then Motorbility is not a good deal. They run a 3 yr lease on the vehicle but you buy the adaptations and have to on each renewal.

It may be better to find a replacement 2nd hand car already adapted or a Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle (WAV) as PSP/CBD lead to wheelchair use a WAV with ramp and access for patient in the wheelchair no transfers and lifting. Try Googling "Second hand Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles".

Good luck Tim


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