Hi there to all you lovely folks out there

, just let you know that hubby G doing really well using the catheters ( tho I insert it for him he struggles otherwise ) .he has nicknamed me Nurse CRUCHIT !!our daughters think that hilarious and have offered to by me a nurse outfit for Christmas . At least we get a laugh , we use the catheter every second night , tho I think every night would b better , on the nights it's used G doesn't get up through the night , if not used he's up once or twice , but I'm leaving it entirely up to him when he wants to b DRAINED as he puts it .

A little story to add ( nothing to do with psp )

Years ago driving along in my little mini ( car that is not skirt ) we used to live on a small acreage . I was passing by this particular house and saw a dog harassing a chicken ( a bit partial to roast chicken ) but not to see one being used as a play thing for a dog to maul , so I stopped the car got out and shooed the dog away , he went one way and turned around saw the chicken had fled off somewhere too . Feeling really chuffed with myself , pat on the back Good Samaritan Chris , got back into the car drove off and CLUMP, got out the car , I had run over the chicken ! So much for being a Good Samaritan , I try not to help any one in distress now !

Just a question tho on more serious note do many of you psp patients suffer constipation , if so what do you find your best remedy , G trying bran , fresh pears all sorts of stuff , was always so regular now could b every 3 days .

Love to you all Chris 😘😘🌻🌻

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  • Hi Chris, it must be such a relief to G to have his own Nurse Crutchit. I'm pleased it is going OK. We never dreamed we'd be doing all these things did we?

    C gets constipated now he is no longer mobile. I give him Lactulose on the 3rd day if commode time hasn't been successful. Unfortunately, all the foods that keep you moving also aggravates his colitis, then he can't stop so it is a balancing act here. On occasions I've had to help him out.....not nice for either of us but a big relief for him.

    Poor chicken! I thought you were going to say when you were driving off you heard a noise and it was sitting in the back seat. Not as likely as the truth but I do like happy endings.


  • Isn't it great that we can laugh at some of the things we have to do. Will we see you in your nurses outfit? So sad about the chicken, but at least you rescued it from the dog. Best wishes Nanny x

  • So nanny how does one put a photo on this site ? Chris X

  • Haven't done it before so will need to experiment and get back to you. Kryste put a photo on maybe she could help us out! Hope G is feeling good as can be. Nanny x

  • The chicken's time had clearly come.

  • Brian has liquorice every day and every other day i give him one dose of gavascone at night and the next day he goes no problem. Without the gavascone he seems to get constipated.


  • That's worth a try thank you Jane xx Chris

  • That is very interesting. I had never heard about licorice for keeping you regular.

  • Liquorice is better then a laxative. And any ant acid will increase the digestion rate to many antacids and it can cause diarrhoea. Janexx

  • Thanks for the information!

  • Sorry if you have already received this but It disappeared in the 'ether'.

    My wife was prescribed Movicol (brand name) it is a gentle laxative that can be increased until the desired result is achieved. It worked well with no nasty side effects.

    Like NannaB I too was hoping for a happy ending but as R. Burns pointed out, " the best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley". I guess in this PC world it could not do otherwise than apply equally well to 'women', which was bad news for the chicken!!

    Kind regards, Jerry

  • Thanks Jerry X

  • You made me Laugh Out Loud about your chicken story. That was great!

    As for the constipation, my wife has it bad. Sometimes she doesn't go for up to 10 days. I try lots of things. I add Benefiber to her feed (she's got a PEG), give her various OTC meds for constipation, and usually have to give her an enema. Her home health nurse recently recommended trying Senecot and it worked great. But when she goes, she goes! I'm so relieved when she does (pun intended). Nothing better than a good poop.


    PS. Keep up the great humor. Does us all good.

  • Gave G some senacot that worked a treat too , the whole house smelt like a sewer !! Ha ha poor darlings just not good xx Chris

  • HAHAHAHA OH poor chicken ...hahahahahahahahahaha oh poor Chris....hahahaha...

    I can just see this in someones standup routine: " ...Hahahah Maybe you've got yourself a second career!

    Hey maybe this story and others like it would be good for the constitution!!!!

    For this i have no remedy. Is she getting any exercise? Lots of water! Bran flakes does me well but I don't know what can go in a PEG tube...Good luck andmay you have many stories to keep you going....hopefully they don't involve plucking the life from soemthing.....hhahahaha thanks for the laugh


  • Hi it's my hubby who has psp , we do try all different laxatives but then tried senacot which works ok , but he rather not get into habit of taking this all the time , we'll get there xxchris

  • I was laughing so hardabout the chicken, I forgot to tell you how funny your Nurse cratchit story're's your husband....hahaha


  • Yes we laugh at the funniest things sometimes , tho as you know there's usually a good cry afterwards xxchris

  • LOL. Oh my gosh! Your chicken story cracked me up!:)

    Glad the catheters are working out well.

    We have not encountered constipation....yet.

  • Thanks for your reply xx Chris

  • Really funny, I had a mental picture of that story in my mind!

    Poor chicken though!

    Love Pat xx

  • I know I felt so bad that I had run the poor chicken over , but least it was quick , better than being mauled to death by the dog . Xxchris

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