A Break !!!

A Break !!!

Well I had a few days away -took a respite break . I used some of my CHC respite funding to have our team of carers looking after V at home from Saturday to Tuesday and I shot off to stay with my daughter Kate in Worthing .She treated me right royally . She had booked a trip to the cinema - (haven't been for over three years ) fed me ( no cooking pure bliss ) . Filled my wine glass and took me out and about .I was really pampered and it was good to spend time with her away from home and all that goes with it .

Monday was a terrible day weather wise but undaunted we set of through wind and rain towards Beachy Head . The South Downs , an old haunting ground of mine in student days , were looking magnificent under a glowering sky . Great rolling curvaceous hills , there is something very sensuous about them as they rise and fall along the south coast . We stopped at Birling Gap and were able to stand for a few moments admiring the view along the Seven Sisters , the name given to the white chalk cliffs . The clouds parted and there was just the faintest hint of blue .But the wind was ferocious and we quickly retreated to the car for fear of being blown away - just enough time for a quick photo and then off for a pub lunch .

It all went past too fast but hopefully I shall be able to put another package together in a few months time . V barely seemed to notice I had gone which was a blessing although I think I detected a slightly grumpy atmosphere on my return !!

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  • Well done George a much deserved break, with your beautiful daughter, hope you do it more often. Yvonne xxx

  • Good for you George, I'm sure that would have done you and your lovely daughter a lot of good!

    Love....Pat xx

  • So pleased you had a good break. I love that place and painted a watercolour of that scene. I left out the handrail though. I hope you get another break soon.


  • Oh so happy for you and love the photo. Looks so invigorating.

  • So pleased you managed some time away to replenish and have some 'me' time. Love the South Downs and seven sisters. The sea certainly looks lively, very exciting when it's blowing a gale. Hope you manage to get lots of breaks to help you cope with life.

    K. Xxx

  • Well done you Georgepa!! Bless Kate, what a star!! It sounds like the perfect medicine! X

  • Wonderful news.

    Hope it happens again in the not too distant future.

  • well done George,you certainly deserve a break.Px

  • My other hunting ground! So glad you had a good break George and start planning another one. Love to you both x

  • Brilliant, the care at home works better and is safer and more flexible!

    Julie x

  • Great. Glad you and Kate were able to have time together.

    Lovely view. Know it well and it certainly blows there. I'm always afraid I will be attracted over cliffs.

    Hope grumpy atmosphere is gone .

    love, Jean x

  • Well Done George! Forget the grumpy atmosphere and awful sinking feeling of "here we go again!". Start planning the next one, try to always have something to look forward to, knowing that a break is only a few weeks away. I promise, it does help. Well, it pulled me through those last few months.

    Lots of love


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