Today was different

Today I had lunch with Heady  . V was at the  hospice  today  and S is in respite  and Heady was  visiting her  daughter in  South  Devon . Since  the motorway  is  not  very  far  from  where I  live , Heady  diverted  her  route  and we met at a riverside  pub overlooking the  River  Exe. It was  strange to meet  someone  with whom one  has  been in contact with through this   site   and to  put a  face to the  name .I have to  admit  I am a bit of a  solitary  person   and on  my day  off when V is  at the  hospice  I tend  to either  go off for  a walk or  up to my  allotment . Today was very different . We had "grown up " conversation ; talked , laughed , compared experiences  and it was   a huge  relief to be  able  to talk to someone  who  understood  exactly  how things  are  without having to  explain  yourself .I felt more  relaxed  than I have done  for  some  time - it was  a real tonic . Heady was  a breath of  fresh air  for  me  - so thank you  Heady  for  making the  effort - you gave  me  a much needed  boost . 

And do  you  know  that as  we  were  looking out  across the  Exe  as it  tumbled  and bubbled its  way over  the  weir  under the  ancient  Bickleigh  cartbridge  we  saw  the  first  swallows  of the the  year  - now  there's  a thing .

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  • Hello Georgepa and Heady.  I'm so pleased to hear that you had a very special time together. Wonderful. Wishing you both all the very best  love Maddy 

  • Visits like that are wonderful for the soul. They need to happen more often. I am glad that you both had a wonderful time.


  • How lovely for you both, I too am planning to meet with someone on this site who has moved quite close to us, I hope it goes as well as your meeting has, love to you both!


  • it will, we will have a great catch up And many more 😊 xxxx

  • I hope all goes well for you both, it seems to have for Heady and George. xx

  • I have said this before, but, I wish that we could have a PSP carers get-together. It is so lovely that you guys were able to meet. It makes me want to reach out more. 

  • ditto!

  • If you are in the UK, the PSPA association do have "local" support groups where you can meet with others in the same situation. We have to travel for half an hour to get to ours and meet at a garden centre.  At one meeting someone asked me if I was Nanna B. I asked her how she knew and she had heard me talking about playing the ukulele and wondered how many women who played the Uke also had a husband with PSP. I first "met" her here. Another couple from this site also go to the meetings. You could ask the PSPA if there is one within easy reach.  If you have joined the PSPA, their magazine PSP Matters has an insert giving details of where, when with times of meetings.  I hope there is one in your area.


  • Yes the support groups are very helpful.  Looking forward to the next one.

    V x

  • We would probably spend the first hour or so crying, but what a relief that would be to be among lovely people who truly understand! xxxx😊

  • Truly wonderful!

  • I'm so pleased you were able to meet with Heady.  I've met with 2 couples from this site and when they post here, it's good to be able to "hear" what they are saying.  What a lovely place to meet, overlooking the Exe. 


  • Hi Georgepa and Heady  It must have been as good as any therapy to meet somebody who truly understands, and you feel you already 'know' through this site! Heady have a nice time with your daughter

    Love Debbie

  • What a lovely experience. I've also met up with someone I met here. Its so good to not have to explain anything. Hope you had a good laugh. Of course it could be risky like a " blind date "

    love, Jean x

  • Hurray xxxx

  • George and heady so glad you meet up, sounds wonderful to speak to someone in the same place as us all.  We should all make arrangements to get together, how wonderful would that be? 😀😀😀😀

  • Lovely.

    I will look forward to greeting those swallows once they have made it up to Northumberland.

  • Hi,  yes George and I had a lovely time.  It was very strange to meet someone that you "knew" already! If you think about it, we all know each other's inner self,  all the things we keep from family and friends, so there is nowhere to hide, therefore you just be yourself and relax.

    I have never been a person that makes the first move, put myself out there.  PSP has changed me.  Fighting for S has proved that I am more than capable to do the things, that I didn't think possible. I always thought I was a bit of a whimp! Thanks to " good olde" PSP it has shown me that I am not!!! (The saying, "every cloud has a silver lining" is true!)

    I am so glad I did contact George, as he has said, to have a grown up conversation, with someone who knows the inner Heady, is something I have never done and to be able to totally relate what I am going through, well words can't express!

    As NannaB replied about the PSP meetings, they can put you in touch with others. You might not appreciate the meetings themselves, but meeting people in the same place as you is worth it!

    And George, that swallow was special, it has put a very tiny light on, in this extremely dark tunnel.

    Moral everyone? Get out there, use the positive part of PSP.  Talk and LAUGH about the disasters at home, with someone who understands. It will help make those lonely, dark moments seem a tiny bit better!!!

    Lots of love


  • How lovely - a real bridge over troubled water!

    V x

  • Oh, my favourite song of all time!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Yes great song and Paul Simon is supposed to have stayed at the pub at Bickleigh in the 60s.  Maybe that's just a local myth though.

  • I wonder if that's  where he got the idea for the song? 

    Lots of love


  • Well I think the pub likes to make a lot of the connection but Wikipedia says that's not the case!

  • My very same thoughts Heady, and I'm looking forward to meeting up with a not too far away PSP neighbor soon, I feel very positive, xxx

  • Heady and George, I am so pleased you managed to meet up and have a good laugh together. What a tonic ( no gin of course as you must both have been driving) Unfortunately Ben won't attend the meetings at present, I think that fear of seeing what is his future comes into it. I wish you both well and glad you managed to enjoy yourselves despite this wretched disease. K xx

  • That is just wonderful - I would love to meet you both, and many more. No PSP Association here or groups. We have a Parkinson's Association and that's about it. I've ordered leaflets and the PSPSA magazine, for my dad to make him feel less isolated, and to educate his primary carers, family & friends. And there is this forum of course! 

    Looking forward to hearing more 'close encounter' stories :-)

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