The Bulgarian Bonkers Care Agency - Recommended!

We have a new care agency. Hurrah. It was getting too much for Kevin and I was worried he was going under. He managed for three months with no support.

They are incredibly good at turning up on time. However they are totally bonkers!

They all seem to be Bulgarians. They are very nice caring people and they are really skilled at delivering the care. The best we have seen.

Its just that they are all bonkers. They never stop laughing and they see the funny side of everything. Even putting toothpaste on a toothbrush can become a saga!

Kevin has taken to hiding when they arrive. The sitter (Bulgarian) who comes to give

Kevin time off is totally effervescent (and very bonkers). She was here when we had a visit from the Neuro-physio and OT and their eyebrows went so far up they probably got stuck up there. But, they did leave with big grins.

I suppose the upside is I get a lot of laughs each day.

Waiving to everyone




(Typed for me by Kevin)

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  • Good for you Liz and Kevin. Loughter is the best med and in short supply when you suffer PSP. Hugs maddy xx

  • Oh dear, liz, I'm not sure if that's good or bad therapy?! But if they are 'caring' that's all we want! If however, you rather them turn the laughter down, gently ask them. But be reminded of how skilled and caring they are and more importantly, the best you've ever had!! If our dear Kevin has to hide then so be it.

    Having carers in, is something we now, couldn't manage without, so again be mindful of this! I too often, get annoyed, but you know what, I love our carers, genuinely and will always keep in touch with them, once Dad has gone.

    How do you feel Liz having carers now? Must be bloody strange? X

  • Hi Satt

    Having carers is OK.

    I have two at at time, that is much better than Kevin on his own.

    They do too much for me, but that's better than too little.

    I hope to sort that out when I get a regular 'team' which has been promised for March.

    Being cared for is a little humiliating. So the laughs help.

    Kevin reads you posts to me. You are doing a wonderful job!

    Love Liz


  • Aww bless you Liz! I definitely think laughter helps the humiliation!! Our carers are v v good but a lil more serious! We have night nurses every night too and 2 of them that visit once or twice are absolutely adorable and have us all laughing! I wish they were here full time but there you go, can't be greedy lol x

  • Brilliant! Bonkers and caring is good. I was C's second carer and the paid one and I always laughed at something first thing in the morning, so did C when he could, he always saw the funny side of life like I do. As Maddy said, and I've always said, laughter is the best medicine and with PSP it is sometimes the only medicine.

    Keep laughing.......from someone who is totally bonkers.



  • Hi NannaB

    Being bonkers has got me through this world :)

    The laughter is good.

    They are tremendous people.



    (Typed by Kevin for me)

  • I think laughing is the best therapy ever. Enjoy the fun. Liz

  • Lovely to laugh, our careers laughs lot as well xxxx

  • The laughter coming from Liz's room is amazing and she is laughing away too. Same from the bathroom.

    Its so good to hear.

    Liz has always been an eccentric (polite for bonkers) she has now found like minded carers!

    I'm not really hiding, giving them girlie space. I keep an eye on how they do things... Like "waltzing" (to la la las') Liz from the wheelchair to the settee was not too cool and a quiet word was said about turn tables. But for all that both carers had her well supported.

    They are good and when I look closely they pay attention to detail and seek her opinion on everything.

    As folk are saying - good therapy indeed. And, it is so refreshing not to have carers terrified about health and safety every other second!

    We have great carers :)

    At last!



  • Hallelujah x

  • Glad to hear that you have some good carers..... the bonkers ones are the best. Jane xx

  • Give me laughter every time !!!

    Glad they're safe as well, though - - -

    love Jean x

  • Oh Liz, this made me laugh so so much, we don't have Bulgarians but we have a EU mixture of carers, all very nice and helpful, all English speaking. XxGW

  • Hi GW

    I hope they are bonkers too ;)



    (Typed by Kevin for me)

  • Liz, they are lovely, so kind. Hope you have had one of your better days today, love GW

  • Can I have some of those? I am so glad for you to have some laughter in your home. It does wonders. Good to know these people still exist. Good carers and sense of humor. There is hope for the world.

  • That would be the time you didn't post for so long, Kevin, that tough 3 months?

    So pleased you have good carers and a good laugh daily! It so makes a difference!!

    We all need laughter in our lives. Life can get dull, boring, frustrating, unbearable at all or any time, and laughter is always the solution! That and music and singing.

    Enjoy! Both of you!!


    Jen xxxx



  • What Maddy said!~

  • Better laughter than tears



  • Yes!

    Liz and I have jokes and laugh quietly.

    Now she is having a 'damned good' laugh

    Its lovely to hear.



  • Hi Paola

    Kevin reads your posts to me.

    I am so sorry to hear your news.

    We have been thinking of you all.




    (Typed by Kevin for me)

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