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Merry Christmas Everyone

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I thought I'd better wish all of you wonderful people a Merry Christmas as the family descend on us tomorrow and I might not get round to it. Thinking of you all, especially Heady and hope you all manage to find some joy over the festive period.

Love and hugs to everyone

Kate xxx

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Will do. And Merry Christmas to you and yours. Peace, ec

Katie merry Christmas to you all, have a lovely time with your family. I am picking my brother and sister in law up from the airport today, so excited spending it with all our children, fingers crossed everything is ok with PSP, it doesn't show its ugly self!!!!!! Heady thinking of you every day xxxxxxx🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Thank you, Kate and I hope you enjoy yours too.

love Jean xxx

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NannaB in reply to doglington

Hope yours is good as well Jean.

Lots of love.


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doglington in reply to NannaB

Thinking of you, Bev xxx

Have a lovely time with your family Kate. Today I have been chasing after two little boys on their bikes along Southwold sea front. They are now watching a film on the TV exhausted, while their mum and dad are treating all their restaurant staff to Christmas Eve drinks and nibbles. It's great being a proper Nanna B again but would be better if grandad was here as well.

See you next year.

Love Bev


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Katiebow in reply to NannaB

Thanks Bev, today was chaotic but lovely. Tomorrow more chilled so can relax a bit. Hope you had a great day in Southwold, love it there, did you go along the whacky pier. Was thinking about you and how you would feel, children don't give you time to think too much do they! Ben has found the day enjoyable but totally exhausting, poor thing, forgot to give him lunch as so busy prepping dinner for 5.30, enough time for one year old Harry to be part of the fun. Will catch up with you after Christmas, enjoy the rest of your stay in Suffolk.

Love Kate xxx

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NannaB in reply to Katiebow

Kate I'm so pleased you had a good day with your family and hope today is another one, be it slightly less exciting no doubt.

Oh yes, we did go on the pier during the day on Christmas Eve. I love Southwold as well. It has such a lovely feel about it doesn't it...and I'm not talking about the wind 🌪.

Today the Hunt is ending at our son's restaurant so we are all going to see them start off at 10. Georgepa's recent description reminded me of the colour, smell, noise of the gatherings I witnessed as a child but never in adulthood. I'm totally opposed to hunting of any sort ( except for vermin, cockroaches, head lice etc ) but do like the theatre of it all. I just hope the dogs don't pick up the scent of a fox.

Have a happy Boxing Day.

Lots of love

Bev XxxX

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doglington in reply to NannaB

Enjoy the spectacle !


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NannaB in reply to doglington

We did. A bit disappointed they weren't in red and the boys stood with their hands over their noses as they don't like the smell of horses. Good business for Mark though. Many piled into the inn when the horses and hounds had gone and it was packed.


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doglington in reply to NannaB

Had to laugh! Young children are always attracted and repelled by smells, aren't they ?

Glad Mark gained from it.


God bless you, Kate.

Thankyou P. I hope you had a good Christmas.


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