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Well I have managed to get a little Christmas spirit and my tree is up, took about a week to do in bits and bobs, but it's looking good if I say so myself, down to twenty years of window dressing!

To everyone who has asked about Callum, he is doing great, he's gained nine ounces in two weeks and is a little treasure, such a content little baby and he's brought a lot of love with him!

Love to you all and I hope you manage to enjoy Christmas....

Lots of love....Pat xx

14 Replies
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That IS an especially charming tree. Nice job, Pat. You were a window dresser? I'd like to know more about that! I haven't done anything at all to decorate, and am feeling rather mopey about it, or was, but tonight we want to a glorious choral concert in a lovely church, which ended with carol singing. Several old friends happened to be there, and I had a nice time chatting a bit, AND I won the raffle, and came home with a cute little gingerbread house! I'm tickled about that. Guess I'll have to get the lights down from the attic and get with the season!

Love to all, ec

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jillannf6 in reply to easterncedar

hi ec

plz do n0t feel mopey if you can trey and be positiv efi you can i know how dff ciuolt it can be but plz dodnt give up on your self at a lll


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easterncedar in reply to jillannf6

Thanks, Jill. That you are together enough to cheer me up just has to inspire me to persevere. You are, as Mr. jones might say, the bee's knees! Love and merry Christmas to you. Ec

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That looks lovely,cover you

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Looks lovely! I'm sure you will all have a really special Christmas.

love, Jean x

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jillannf6 in reply to Doglinton

i agree the tree looks lovely

lol JiLL

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Very pretty , wishing you a peaceful Christmas x

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Very pretty and you sound very upbeat, babies have that effect don't they! Merry Christmas.xxxx

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Pat looks lovely, glad all is going well. Yvonne xxxx

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What a beautiful tree! and so perfect! I've just this year started a new tradition where our grandchildren (ages 3yrs, 3yrs and 8yrs) decorate our tree. It's not quite as organized as your tree...but it does make me smile! Merry Christmas to everyone here!


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Tree is beautiful. Christmas blessings to all

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It looks beautiful, and especially lovely that a new baby will be there, I have put our tree up for the first time in our new home, we moved before Christmas last year and spent a lovely 6 weeks with family before moving in in the New Year....too much to this Christmas is really the first in our new home....Merry Christmas to you all xxxx

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Lovely tree, lovely setting. Have a lovely Christmas


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Pat your tree looks fantastic. Hope you all have a happy and peaceful Christmas. Lots of love Nanny xx

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