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Happy Christmas

I just thought I'd drop all you wonderful people a line before I start my journey to my Mum & Dads for Christmas. I have to admit to being a little apprehensive as I haven't seen Mum for 5 weeks and my husband hasn't seen her for several months so I know he will be shocked.

Determined to find moments of joy to add to the mental scrapbook for future reference. Cant wait to see my Dad and give him a big hug, Mum too of course.

I hope your Christmas's will also have moments of joy, that there will be peace and you find some time to care for yourselves or let others take the strain.

Thank you for all the love and support you have shown me and my Dad (Georgepa) this year, I know we have some challenges ahead in 2015 but knowing you're all there certainly helps us both.

Happy Happy Christmas you lovely lot!!!!

Kate xx

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Get your backside in gear Kate and get down here - the cooking awaits- I might even save you a bit of ironing if you are lucky -love Dad


Just had second thoughts -shouldn't really be so jokey about my daughter - she has been wonderfully supportive to both me and her mum throughout and I can't wait to see her .Georgepa


I'm sure your daughter would rather you joke about her than moan, it shows you have kept your sense of humour throughout everything. I hope you have lots of laughs over Christmas, although there may be a few groans when you read the cracker jokes. They get worse every year. It's now Christmas Day and I think Father Christmas has flown over and failed to stop, maybe because I forgot to put out the sherry and mince pie. If I go to bed now he may drop in on the way back. Have a great one, all of you.

Nanna B


Kate and Georgepa. Wishing you and your family a lovely time over Christmas and New Year. Enjoy.

Love maddy

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And to you and yours Maddy - love Georgepa


Happy Christmas to George and family, we have long standing friends of over 50 years staying ov


Sorry Georgepa something happened to my previous reply.Friends are here for the festive season so will help to ease things with Eddie and put a bit of normality back into my life.Eddie can remember times when he worked with our friend in Fleet Street and reminisce about the good old times. Stay strong.R xx


Wishing you a wonderful time with your family xx


Thank you for that Kate. We are trying to have a good Christmas but it would seem PSP is determined we shan't. And whether or not I have the energy for the battle today remains to be seen.


Sounds like a good Christmas. Can I come ? We are also having a lovely time with the grand children trying to forget the reality for a while. Best wishes Jean


Love to you and your family,



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