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Merry Christmas to All!

It is now 25 December and one minute past midnight.

Santa visited all dressed in woollen garb. Dropped off a couple of items.

Sure am lucky he did as he was NOT impressed with the curdled milk, melted chocolate biscuit and pretty sad limp carrots left out on the sideboard to enjoy. Now you guys better "DO BETTER"!!


Alana - Western Australia

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Still 4 and a half hours to go here in UK. Such awful weather here today I hope Santa isn't blown off his sleigh. Think I'll leave him a flask of something hot laced with brandy to warm him up. Got a sitter we have never seen coming tonight so will be strange waking up Christmas morning with a stranger in the house; still, better than being woken up 5 times in the night. Have a great day.

Nanna B


hio nanna b thanks for the something in the flask it was just what I needed out on the road with howling winds and rain but only woken up 5 times

you were lucky have a good christmas

holiday best wishes santa claus peter jones queens,land Australia psp sufferer


Hi Santa, pleased you enjoyed the tipple. I thought I heard you coming down the chimney, there was a very loud strange noise at 2 a.m. It wasn't you; it was our night nurse snoring downstairs. It woke my husband up as well so I had to go to him. She is here again tonight and has promised to stay awake.

Enjoy your rest now all your gifts have been delivered Santa and thank you for my new iPad which I am using now when I should be asleep.

Night night,

Nanna B


LOL. Thanks for the heads-up#! It's only 1:45 p.m. on Christmas Eve day here in frosty Minnesota, USA...we still have time to do some damage control:) Have a wonderful holiday!




hi Sharon ab well mate I was not impressed with the limp carrots and melted choc biscuits and the potted shrimp but I know that you have been busy this year and i don't mind putting up with it lets hope things will improve next year with everyth

ing at least the drop of scotch was fine and did you get your presents ok I hope I done my job ok santa claus preter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer


Our Christmas miracle was that the massive ice storm only knocked out the power at my house for 12 hours overnight Monday, and I had light to see by and coffee to drink while I wrapped those last presents yesterday morning. And my guy's daughter and son-in-law flew in from the west coast and managed to drive safely through the slippery mess to his place. It's been lovely here, today, with all the sunshine December allows, and the trees glistening with silvery ice. Santa made it this far! The storm was worse in the city, where I live, than in the mountains here where he is, and we're here, with a fire in the stove, mince and apple pies cooling on the counter, the roast beef in the oven. Merry Christmas, one and all. My heartfelt good wishes to everyone on this site - especially you, Alana. I hope there has been some comfort for you today. .


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