Italian Christmas

Hi All

It's that time of year when baking, cooking eating and drinking takes place around the world. As usual, I will be hosting Christmas at my house with no complaints I love to entertain.

I have yet to have a quiet Christmas in my entire life, as a child the mothers would make ravioli by hand and prepare the entire meal as the men sat, drank and compared home made wines. The dining experience was something out of a movie, we would start at about 1 and end at 3. It was loud, very loud. The food, oh my the food. There was food as far as my little eyes could see, my mother loved to cook and she always made sure everyones favourite dish was prepared. We would all sit together in one long communal table and play pass the dish.

Once everyone got their plates full, the volume of noise suddenly decrease and changed from talking to the clacking of forks and knives on the plates. Then somone asked for something, or poked fun of someone that the banter began.

I miss those days, I miss us being all together no one missing no one sick. When my aunt suddenly died everything changed, it was the end of these gatherings nothing was the same.

I do thanksgiving with my cousins from my dads side 23 of us. It's not the same as those Christmas gatherings, the parents are older and cannot eat as much, some people are missing and my cousins are now parents and the third generation are getting a glimpse of our lives before they were born and how important family and tradition really is.

My point to this is that things change in life, happiness evolves and so do people. Never take for granted what we have bcause it can all change in one second...

Merry Christmas to you all


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  • That made me well lot was very much the same but big irish gatherings.

    The banter was always second to none...

    Have a wonderful christmas, cheers!!


  • the only difference is the Italians drink wine and grappa and Irish love whiskey....merry christmas!!!

  • very true.. we are also partial to a guinness or 3 😁xx

  • my husband is partial to many Guiness

  • Have to tell you both I HATE Whiskey! Or even the Scottish version Whisky! Hate Guiness too. Is this why whoever I have been to Italy they think I am Italian? Ciao Paola agus Nollaig Sona Duibh Daddysgirl.

    Marie x

  • Beautiful! I always love that great compliment to the cooks when the table falls silent except for the chink of the silverware and plates, and the mmm-mmmm-mmms!

    I adored the holiday dinners at my grandmother's house, with all the cousins and the favorite treats.

    At my mother's 90th birthday bash this past weekend there was so much good food, from wonderful appetizers (bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with Gorgonzola, and skewers of antipasto, among other things) made by my Italian sister-in-law through poached salmon with mousseline, a favorite of my dear departed father, and beef tenderloin, to the Welsh fruitcake and shortbreads from my grandmother's recipes. Oh, we had a fine time!!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Solstice one and all!

  • And Happy Festivus too lol.

  • Yes. I know what you mean.

    I can remember, when I was about 30 and all was happy suddenly realising that nothing stays the same - good or bad. I have always tried to treasure the moment.

    Now I am old it seems as if nothing can be as it was. I expect that's true.

    Enjoy your entertaining and Happy Christmas,

    love Jean xx

  • I'd love to go to one of your pantos, which I have heard so much about. Nice tradition, to add some color and laughs to the season. At least the earth is tipping back toward the sun now, and there will be more daylight every day. That thought cheers me up! Hugs to you, Jean, and love, ec

  • 2 minutes a day.....I keep on daying that everymoring till we reach spring

  • nothing will ever be as it was Jean, but we are now creating new memories for the next generation and hopefully, they will bring them forward...

    This holiday will be different, but never the less memorable

    Merry Chirstmas to you and yours

    Paola xox

  • Thank you Paola.

    Yes , this Christmas will be special for our children as well.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, too.

    love, Jean xx

  • Beautifully said,,,What a lovely slice of life you shared with us


  • My brother-in-law is Italian... I know those dinners all too well- so much food.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family


  • As my mother in law said (who married the Italian father of Charles), once you're in with the Italians, life is good.

    I miss Aunt Bina's raviolis - 100 gone in 60 seconds. Angela makes them now.



  • What a great story. Happy holidays to you and yours.

    Dee in BC

  • as for the recipes, my mom holds out on key ingredients to make certain things I think it's because she does not want to feel like I don't need her to make these things for me....Then I go and surprise her and she becomes all teary eyed.

    I too hold back, I love making fish but my mom bever got the hang of it. SO for Chirstmas Eve I am bringing a fish stew with crab, shrimp, scallops and a pice of sea bass for taste (the bass is what I hold back lol) all covered in a rich tomato sauce with tonnes of garlic and parsely. bake for 45 min at 450 and vuola you have dinner. Remove the fish reduce the sauce and cook some spaghetti pur the sauce over the spaghetti and your eating like a king.....just don't let my mom know about the sea bass....

    Can you tell I love to cook?????

  • That sounds fabulous! I like to cook, too. I usually make bouillabaisse for Christmas Eve and roast beef with Yorkshire pudding for dinner on the day, but may simplify this year, as the kids won't be getting in until late on the 25th. I'm thinking salmon pie at some point, cause I love that and it's easy to put together.

  • What time's dinner??? I have a passport!! : )

  • Your post reminded me of our family Christmas times when my parents, three sisters and husbands, 8 children and two dogs always descended on my mum and dad for the festive period. At that time I never realised the prep and organisation required as I had never done it myself. When my dad died us girls took it in turns to host, I had twenty people sleeping in any available space. We had such great fun but the family grew too big to host and our gatherings don't happen now. Happy days

    Merry Christmas to all of you lovely people and I hope you all manage to enjoy yourselves.

    Love Kate xxx

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