Fun and games with Christmas tree

Well it is Christmas even though some of us don't feel like it so I decided today I should put up our small tree that we have had for a number of years, to make a safe place for it I had to move the TV, so on placing everything back I had lost all of Horace's favourite programs, he watches UK Gold 24/7, a friend then arrived and I took the opportunity to rush off and do some shopping, whilst out I thought oh good perhaps this weekend we could watch a few programs that I could not recite off by heart it would make a nice change. Upon my return Horace is sat laughing his head off his friend and found the connections I had accidentally on purpose not put back, I too had to laugh to see him so happy, so it's back to Only Fools and Horses with the occasionally laugh, well it is Christmas

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  • Made me laugh as well. Happy Christmas.


  • I hear ya sister, My husband has found game shows and of all things, a reality show where they all live together and then vote each other off the game or soemthing...ugg and the Amazing Race...thats almost good ...anyway it's the same shows, day in and day out. With an occasional movie from the library and one we rent on saturdays. King of the Hill anyone?







    and ALL THE BEST FOR 2016!

  • Jillann, I am so glad you are feeling better, nothing like making a little melody to warm you up and make you feel good!!! I too hope that your spirit is full of joy throughout the holidays as well as the new year!

    Merry Happy, Jillann!!





  • I can understand about the tv program Brian is fixated with the channel (19) yesterday. But all the programs are on a loop. One programme can be shown 3 times in a day. My god i could scream it's bad enough watching a repeat but twice in the same day not good for my sanity.

    Lets hope over Christmas i can get to watch the last Downton Abby and call the midwife would be nice as well.


  • To your last sentence, yes and me, and please please please let it be without interruptions throughout.....fat chance but here's hoping.


  • Just looked at the times. Call the midwife the carers will be here midway through so might miss some but Downton he should be nicely tucked up and asleep (fingers crossed). Janexx

  • Our night carer doesn't arrive until 10 pm.


  • So you will miss the last part of programme because it finnishes at 10:45. Unless you can record or freeze it. Think I'm getting a tad ocd about the programs. But lets face it not got much else to do lol. Janexx

  • Hadn't looked at the times. The carer is staying the night so we'll get Colin ready for bed in the lounge where the TV is and put him to bed when it's finished. She can watch with us.

    As he spends a lot of time in bed during the day now, to get off his bottom, he can go to bed later. He never wants to go before news at 10 so won't be much later.


  • John asks me to put the to on then keeps asking for the news . the same olsame old news . then he goes off to sleep . lf I have a minute to watch something I like he wakes up . I will sit for hours and he cannot speak or speaks and j can't understand him .

    I will get up and walk into the kitchen and o hear my name called .albeit a whisper .

    the times I go into him thinking he has called my name and he is asleep .

    it's registered in my brain and now any noise sounds like he is calling me .

    what's happening with your care coMpanies over Christmas , all I get are the complaints from the Carers of how they are being asked to cover so many calls.

    nOt what I want to hear is it . not the best time for me at the moment. been feeling low , not like me I can usually rise above it . I suppose everyone so busy preparing for Xmas . planning lovely things to to do . while I struggle to even think about Xmas it's just the same old same od for us . I try to put on happy face for my daughter .

    in fact the one of my lovely carer sent me a message to say coming to us first thing in the morning makes her morning cos I am never miserable and always smiling . I didn't feel like smiling this morning once I had got John into bed I fell asleep in his chair woke at 1.30 not given him his bedtime meds . fell back to sleep . still in my clothes

    still can't rouse John the Carers have been freshened him and left him in bed .. I know of I go and have any shower now he will wake ..

    right that's the last of my moaning .. Ho Ho Ho .. xxxx happy Xmas everyone . xxx

  • Oh cabbagecottage why do these carers have to moan to us about there jobs and other things. We have got one girl and she never seems to have a good day. She has always got a tale of woe she's either tired or cold. Having a bad time with boyfriend or his friends are loitering round there flat so she has no privacy (where's my privacy gone).

    And doing a couple of extra hours over Christmas at double time my heart breaks for them especially as we will have the same things to do as every other day. And yes thats me having a moan and feeling sorry for myself. Janexx

  • Our carers have also moaned about cover over Christmas. The one who came today said several have resigned as they didn't want to do the hours so there is even more cover required. You must feel so tired. I get night nurses 6 nights a week but am always tired. I didn't get lunch until 4 pm yesterday after putting C back to bed for the second time. I ate lunch at the table and rested my chin on my elbows (bad manners but no one else to see) and soon after both elbows slipped off the edge of the table and I hit my chin. I'd fallen asleep.

    I hope you got your shower.

    Sending you a Christmas hug.


  • Oh ow booboo!!! Many a time after B goes to bed, I try my hand a this site and have to erase pragraphs of nonsense......that's awfully confident of me to believe that not all I say is nonsense but late at night my brain is definitely 'slipped of the table' haha

    remember to put you a pillow on the chair for easy access!


  • CC, sometimes you got to let them call your name a couple times....I was thinking about that...Am I enabling B? I do everything for him....I walk with him everywhere I (mechanically) chew his food for him, I light his cigarettes, and now lately I don't even make him do exercises (In all fairness, he is food deprived) ...But if I don't do it , and he wants it done, he will do it for himself....but every other time ends up in a minor disaster , so I don't take the chance and have denied him the 50% success rate that could be his.....It'as a crap shoot (pardon the pun, to ya'll cleaning your mate in that way) Should I do it for him or should I close my eyes and see what happens....I feel like i'm not just enabling him but disabling him....and now he jsut calls me, "dear.......will you...I want....I need..." and i come runnin. I try to stay up later so I can have some alone time....It doesn't work. im so tired I have nothing left after he goes to bed...I'm wearing myself out trying to do everything for him...WE are wearing OURSELVES out not letting them call our names a couple times before we come runnin....what to do....what to do...


  • I used to go running as well as I got fed up with struggling to pick him up when he fell several times a day. Just remember there will probably be a time when he can't call, or ring a bell, then you will long to hear his voice again, however annoying it is now. Reading posts on here nowadays, it reminds me of all that's been lost. OK at the time it was annoying, frustrating etc but I would love to hear Cs voice again. Yesterday he was moaning, as he does quite a bit now, but this moaning was different and I suddenly realised he was "singing" along with a Christmas carol on the TV. I started to sing with him and his moaning became louder. He wasn't humming every note but every one he hummed was in perfect tune with the note being sung. It was a very special moment and brought a tear to my eye. We both continued to sing along with all the others. We'll be listening to a lot of CDs this Christmas now I've found something we can do together.

    Hope today is good for you both.


  • That's beautiful Nana, it sounds as if your partner is further down the road than my Horace, at the moment he can still speak a little but takes ages to find the words. Am I right to just sit and wait and let him find them, also he has created a routine of things he can do it takes him ages but I let him do it and then clear the mess up after, he still can make a cup of tea but there was a trail from kitchen to table of stains but now he has learned that if he only fills it half full he manages better, consequently I now always have half a cup of tea made for me he loves doing this perhaps it is because we used to run a little cafe together and he does not want to give it up, I am taking the view that as long as he is not in too much danger he can have a go at things this I feel makes him feel far more included in our large family, but yes the falls do worry us but fortunately Horace seems to fall gracefully backwards and laughs his head off when it happens, so how can I get mad at him, he is very independent and I want him to hold on to this for as long as possible, so we just plod on together,

  • Amen, Amen to independence, Amen to we carers keeping our mates as safe and comfortable and independent as possible...and if that means letting them carry a half cup of tea or singing with them to a tune that a moment ago was just another moan!!!

    Have I said this lately?

    God Bless We/Us Carers! And while you're blessing us Lord, can you send a little down to those with PSP? Amen!

  • It's so good Horace can still do things. I'd run to Colin when he called or tried to get up but still let him do things, I was just nearby most of the time. Isn't it amazing how they laugh when they fall, but as C said once, better than crying. Long my Horace remain independent. Oh how I miss having a cup of tea bought to me in bed in the morning.

    Keep plodding on together.


  • The sound of reason speaks again.

    Thank you NannaB. I just feel like I walk a fine line between allowing him his independence and knowing that I must do it for him.

    I can just imagine the joy you felt when you realized C was not in pain, but delighting in a happy old memory....Christmas carols....Maybe that's what you ought to get him for Christmas....a compilation of his favorite songs, or a couple cds of his favorite this time next year you'll both be singin them in your sleep!!hahahah


  • M likes the radio during the day or it may be I refuse to watch daytime telly. She likes light music and classics and does not object to me selecting different stations, used to be just Radio2 but since getting a new DAB radio have found other music. She cannot stand talk radio so no Radio 4 until she is a bed. Tried audio books without much success but CD's of old comedy shows from the library are great. In the evening it is a game show the News then repeats of US drama NCIS I have tried breaking the routine with Corie or Eastender but no use.

    As Cabbagecottage says if I leave the room for more than a couple of minutes there is either crash or a whispered plea for my return, so I am tied to the sitting room for most of the day, especially on these dark and wet days.

    Looking forward to going to my son's for Christmas Day so hope no TV.

    Thanks for letting me kick the wall for a few minutes.

    Anyway best wishes Tim

  • Colin is the opposite and doesn't like listening to music so we do have Radio 4 on a lot. We have both been Archers fans for years so listen to that together every day. When my brother and his wife came to stay a couple of weeks ago, my sister in law told me it was time for the Archers. They are now hooked after listening with us on their last few visits. It started the year I was born and as my parents listened to it and then my first boss put it on in the office, apart from a few years when I was first married ( C had never listened) it's been part of my life for ever. I think I'm allowed 12 1/2 minutes of indulgence a day.

    I hope you have a great time at your son's Christmas Day. There will be 10 of us here and 8 over night and Boxing Day, including us.

    With all the knocks on our skirting boards and doors, it looks as if I kick the wall quite a lot.

    Have a good day if possible.


  • Used to listen to Archers until went to sea in 1970, I used to be able to pick up the characters and story lines easily when ashore then the format changed and only now get occasional chances to listen not as easy to follow, M never interested so gets irritated if she even hears the theme tune.

    Just about to take M for walk/ wheelchair push to the river and back about a mile for first time in days not raining and is sunny.

    You have a good day Tim

  • John is further down the line in as much as he cannot do anything for himself , cannot even pick his nose and very difficult for him to grab an control a tissue to catch his drool . .

    When I say he calls me it's a whisper and very often I cannot hear or work out what he is trying to say . I use to tell him once he had worked out what he wanted so at he had forgotten it , that's not the spaces though is it . Much more complex .

    I read somewhere earlier how the effort of eating took any strength he has in the first place . Y

    O for that special cup of tea . It's the one thing I misses , especially if I had been busy . I would sit down and ask if he would make me one . I so miss that .

    John isn't demanding at all but the Parkinsons is .

    We have had two better days so a little respite . I'll take that

  • Oh I thought it was just my husband, watching the repeat of the repeat of the repeat, sounds like it's a PSP symptom! Enough to drive the carer insane!

  • With S, it's Sky news, all day long, unless I make the effort to find him some sport. Actually, I think I might try showing him the games channel. It's got to be more interesting that the same bit of news being repeated every 10 minutes. At worst, it will add a bit of variety into our lives!!!

    Lots of love


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