George has been having a lot of water issues, I thought it was the PSP , called in the doctor today, George is diabetic and when the doctor checked his sugar it was 18,5 very high, when he checked the urine he said thee was a lot of sugar in it, no wonder he felt unwell. Checked it again this evening it was 8.5 so that was good, he did not have anything yesterday to push up his sugar. He is on medication, which I make sure he takes.

Well on Wednesday we have the social worker, nurse and us for the last part of the CHC, fingers crossed.

Still not feeling great , if I am not feeling better will go back to doctors, just think I am tired, washing washing and more washing, cleaning and cleaning and more cleaning, last of all mopping up and more mopping up.

Love to you all. Yvonne xxxxx

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  • Keeping my fingers crossed that his level stays down. I feel yuckie as well, prob stress and tiredness. Don't have time to go to the Dtr for me.

    Love back,

    Audrey xoxo

  • Yvonne it's a nightmare isn't it, been out for a meal with some workmates tonight, not been out for ages, just got in and Keith has been waiting for me so he could go to the loo, another load of washing and mopping up! We'd all make a great cleaning team for anyone looking for a cleaner! Not what I planned for my retirement at all 😔

    Love and hugs to you....Pat xx

  • Pat you made me smile about the great cleaning team! Hope you had a nice time, ready for all that is to come. Yvonne xxxx

  • I'd join your cleaning team but I bags the kitchen. It's the only room where I haven't had to clean up poo or wee; food off the walls and ceiling when I forgot to put the lid on the liquidizer and messes the grandchildren make when they are preparing meals but I can cope with that. Oh! Just remembered I hate cleaning. I'll hire you all to come and do mine.


  • NanaB I really do like a bit of cleaning I will book you in!!!!

  • 👏 😃 xxxx

  • nannaB . have you tried the mirror / Bottom tip .yet .. I have rigged up a shelf / ledge beneath toilet pan on the commode for the mirror and light to lay on

  • Yes I did and what a shock I got. I used a swivel mirror on a stand but didn't realise it was turned to the magnification side. Seeing my darling's rear end magnified is a sight never to be forgotten. I did use it several times turned the correct way round but found my back wouldn't take the bending. Now I hoist him using a standing hoist so he doesn't have to swing around but can stand up while I sort him out. Your shelf idea sounds really good. Perhaps commode chairs should be built with a shelf, light and mirror installed.


  • I use to manage when a john used the stand hoist . you can access more easily then but he is more advanced now so has to be hoisted at all times .

    I hate to see the carers keep him dangling ? He never complains to them but when I see to him alone he asks me. To be quicker , it's pulling under his arm and stretching his back .. that's was when I started using a stool . It's actually one of the smallest of the nest of tables we have . It's very sturdy . I call it my milking stool . I have a really bad problem with my back shoulders and neck . I am sure you know why !!! . I do manage really well though so far , when I use the stool .and mirror .

    The mirror I use isn't magnifying lol ...

  • I expect I'll use the mirror again when Colin can't stand. I have a little milking stool as well. I bought it second hand in the Hospice shop. It's originally from Ikea and has been very useful. He now has his new saliva pump standing on it next to his chair.

    Take care of your back.


  • I'll try lol ..Let us know how the pump goes . John drools all day . when he first goes to bed I keep a flannel under his chin and tissue . By the time I go upstairs I change the tissues it thick with goo . in Johns case his head flops forward , his chin in on his chest ..

    of course this affects his breathing and his mouth us thick . some nights he presses his buzzer I have attached to the rail .

    He cannot clear his throat .

    he spends most of the day likes it . he rouses and lifts his head now and then . . it's the only time I can feed him ..

    I clean his mouth regularly during the day .also his eyelashes and his dry nose .

    I wash his eyes with some baby oil in the water it helps keeps the lashes a little softer . I put Vaseline under and just inside his nose . that also helps to keep it softer .

    he cannot use his fingers to clean his on nose and has difficulty even clutching tissue to wipe his mouth of the drool

  • And a hight adjustment button that way they could sit on the commode we could then raise it and wash the rear end with no problems with bending. Janexx

  • If I see another bottle of disinfectant, well, I will not be responsible for my actions. So don't think I will be a very good member of the team!!!

    Lots of love


  • Ok Heady we will give you the job of admin officer xxxxxx

  • Wouldn't go that far, tea lady may be!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Tea? I'd need something stronger than maybe, or 🍷 😆


  • Heady maybe your could make the cocktails xxxxxxx

  • Now you're talking. Although I open wine far better than I make cocktails, will that do??????????

  • Ok heady you are the wine waitress xxxxxxx

  • Audrey hope you feel better soon, never knew anyone could feel so tired, as we all do. Yes let's hope the level keeps down, our another doctors visit in the morning . Know the feeling with no time for ourselves. Yvonne xxx x

  • Good luck with the assessment.

    Of all the jobs I've had to do cleaning is not my favourite ! I would never have applied for this job !!!

    Although I feel trapped I know its even more of a trap for C.

    Love to you Yvonne, hope you feel better.

    Jean x

  • Thank you Jean I don't mind cleaning but this is never ending job, another wet person, and bed this morning! Feeling a bit better, but still not great. Yvonne xxxxxx

  • As if PSP isn't enough, George (and you!) have diabetes to cope with. I've been on my own this week (my mum and dad away at a special care respite facility) and what did I do the first few days: clean and laundry!!! I tried to clean the carpet in my dad's bedroom where he's had some accidents but I think I need to get some special product, ordinary carpet cleaner doesn't get the smell out... any suggestions? I might suggest to rip it out.

    Anyway - have fun all, cleaning away! The sun is bright, which is lovely, but now I can see the windows are really dirty... grrrr

  • Try products used for cleaning up after Puppies!

    Lots of love


  • yes, I had been thinking that... we've had naughty cats in the past, that's an option. Thanks, Heady!


  • That's what I did Lieve, took the carpet up and replaced it with a large rug. It is large enough to reach from the side of the bed he slept on to the wall so didn't present a trip hazard but if I rolled it I could get it out of the house, with difficulty, to hose it down. I put another large rug my side so I didn't step onto floorboards. When I took it up the boards underneath were grotty where wee had soaked through. As to cleaning I used 1001 and once dry, two whole tubs of Shake and vac and a whole bottle of Febreze. After doing all that, one of Cs carers said I should have gone to a pet shop and bought something to eliminate cat and dog urine smells. I can't remember what it was called but I expect there are different makes. I didn't need it after that final big clean as he had to be moved downstairs where we now have parquet flooring throughout. There isn't any polish on it now but spills and messes can be cleared quickly and I mop it. One day it will have to be sanded down and retreated but for now it stays as it is.

    I hate cleaning windows. They always look worse after I've done it than they did before. Someone suggested vinegar and newspaper. The house smelt like a fish and chip shop for ages and my black finger prints were everywhere.

    Have fun!


  • Good luck on Wednesday, you need more help. P.

  • What a struggle it is Yvonne, no time to feel unwell, I do hope the funding part goes smoothly. The caring part is enough without all these other worries. Xx

  • Thank you all my daughter is coming it is at 11 o'clock xxxxxx

  • Don't forget Yvonne, everything is has on the worst day! PLEASE, PLEASE keep harping on about the damage George has done to your back. You should get a Priority for Behaviour problems. "George "caused" the damage to your back, due to his behaviour". If you have a copy of the assessment form, read it very carefully, so you use the correct wording! It's not what you say. But HOW you say it!!!!! Ticks more boxes that way.

    Just got a my copy. OK, it's for my area SW England, but I am sure it will apply!

    'Challenging behaviour of a severity and /or frequency and/or unpredictability that presents an immediate and serious risk to self, others or property. The risks are so serious that they require access to an immediate and skilled response at all times for safe care' That is priority!

    'Challenging behaviour that poses a predictable risk to self, other or property. The risk assessment indicates that planned interventions are effective in minimising but not always eliminating risks. Compliance is variable but usually responsive to planned interventions' That's High Risk!

    There is a severe, which is in between both of these. George sounds very much like S. I said S was high on good day, Priority on a bad, and severe on the rest!

    Whether the panel accept this, I don't know, but we all know that falls happen because they just get up and go, knowing that they will probably hit the floor, but this does not stop them. Therefore, it is a serious and challenging behaviour problem!!!! You have been hurt because of this!!!!

    Glad you are starting to feel a bit better. Take care!✈️🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷✈️

    Lots of love


  • Thank you so much Heady, my son and daughter will be here will show her what you are saying, life is so hard Heady xxxx

  • hi yvonnen you know why you feel tired mate and run down cause you do everything twice

    you read your em back to yourself mate its alright mate just having you on

    so c'mon mate give us a smile thats better isnt it mate I knew you would say yes it is matey take care keep smiling and your chin up peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer please tell George to hang in there I wish him all the best mate

  • hji yvonner I meant to say three times not twice mate sorry for typing error caused by lots of typing lately peter jones queensland Australia psp guy

  • Thank you all, went very well, our nurse is so wonderful, she is really lovely, feel blessed, social worker was very nice, he was wonderful today, George qualifies for CHC, now it is up to the panel. Our district nurse took away our literature about PSP and she read it, she also said she had seen our site, she was very aware of what we all go through, she is going to order us a hospital bed, so everything is moving. I have got a bad headache, still not feeling great, hopefully will feel better soon. Yvonne xxxxxx

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