Hi, has anyone heard of this or used one?

It is a rectal catether, pipe going up inside, water is pumped in and washes out the bowel.

S's bowel nurse, has said this is the next thing to try, if regular enemas don't work. Apparently, you can do it yourself. It helps in keeping you regular, without any mishaps, as you are always empty. It's used regularly with people with spinal injuries, MS and Spinda bifida, according to the literature.

Obviously it's muggins here, that will have to do it, which I can't say I am thrilled about, but if it stops incontenance and therefore, keeps him at home that tiny bit longer, how can I say no...........

Lots of love


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  • Not sure which of us will class it as an early Xmas pressy, but anything that stops me having to change a nappy, as got to be worth a try.

    Lots of love


  • Oh Heady what new joys you have opened up ! Something else to look forward to as if unblocking catheters wasn't enough ( I am now an expert by the way ). But oh boy a new skill level to embrace - soon we will be getting our little blue uniforms - any chance we might get one of those little starched caps to go with it ?

    love Georgepa

  • Oooh! I want one of those caps!

  • There you go again , George ! You're keen to dress up ?

    love, Jean x

  • Come on Jean you know you want to! Adds a bit of spice to life .

    Love Georgepa alias Nurse Georgina (Thursdays only)

  • You're so right. Black stockings are involved !!!

  • Oooooooh Jean no ! not the black stockings please not the black stockings .

    ( Do you think we might have strayed off the original subject a bit , whatever is Heady going to think ?)

    Love Georgepa

  • Yes !! I think I need to lie down !

    I think Heady might join in. More "Carry on Matron" than E.R.

    Love, Jean x

  • Definitely Jean! This house sometimes feels like something straight from the film.

    Lots of love


  • Black comedy !

    Love, Jean x

  • Heady thinks you two need to get a life. Oops, so do i!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Join the club Heady its blue uniforms little starched hats and black stockings all round - then out on the, town .Do you mind if I wear flaties never mastered heels :-)

  • Now you are talking, where are you taking us????

    Lots of love


  • "Dreamland "

  • well the boys (georgepa and Peter Jones) might be a bit squeemish, but compared to backing up and either exploding at the most inconvenient times (that would be anytime) or having to do an enema inwhich the bowels movement moves all over the enema giver...I d say this other method may have its benefits. As one who is having success with the urine catheter, again, this new fangled thing may be a good thing....and once applied the rectum will probably get used to the , i am sure very gentle tube, being applied.....With PSP, never say no...or at least "lets give it a try..."

    May the mishaps be minimal


  • Squeemish - I don't think so - 8 bowel movements last Saturday and only one of them made the commode !!

  • Oh I beg your pardon sir....I guess I'm a bit ignorant...perhaps spoiled since I have yet to experience those days...Maybe you ought to use this particular catheter....I mean with that much constant bowel in her rectum a tube going up it would probably not be noticeable.....c'mon Georgepa...whats another tube!

    May your next successful movement be Brahms 4th symphony, mvmt 3 it's got bold success, and a bit of wiley-ness ....


  • is that like brahms luliby mrs avb wot about the William Tell Overture that should shake things around a bit mate sorry heady got carried ,,mmmmmmmmmm Away AWAY AWAY y

  • I think the 1812. Cannons and fireworks !

  • might be a bit harsh mate

    powerful stuff that 1812 overture blast off

    peter jones q.l.d. australia

    psp person see yer mate

  • Yeah, think you're right.

    I'll calm down a bit !

    Jean x

  • Beethovens 5th!! I was just looking for a good Movement", one that didnt' require Depends hahahahhha


  • Perhaps you ought to have a little chat with the B & B team. Might save all this c##p, if you will excuse the pun!

    Lots of love


    Ps, please send pickies when you get your new uniform!!!

  • You know our American nurses wear a very casual uniform with no hat anymore.....But I am sure some of our caregivers would be every bit striking in their blue uniforms!

  • Oh god Georgepa how do you cope?? X

  • Charles woke me up today saying he soiled himself. He did not. He is so afraid of either and what will happen. As a nurse he is so clean and so proud.

    I told him to forget it. We will handle it. Enough said, ugh, I've seen it and smelled it and touched it.....................


  • Sounds like colonic irrigation to me, didn't Princess Diana make that fashionable!!

    Good luck with it, but if it helps I suppose you've got to try it! Says me who retches at a soggy tena pad!! And have to shut my eyes and hope for the best to clear up poo

    Lots of love

    Debbie xx

  • That's what I thought, but the word was not mentioned. Meant to be really good and you feel great afterwards, if it is the same. Perhaps it's not such a dreadful thought after all.

    Lots of love


  • hi heady/ close your eyes and think of England that's what they say isn't it matey peter jones q.l..d. australia

  • Can you do that on a daily basis?

  • Oh heady district matron came in today, she recommended it for George, we have a hospital appointment for Saturday about all this, so fed up Heady George opened his catheter all over the chair, over the floor and over me, just want to leave here so fed up xxxxcc

  • Hi Yvonne, it's so frustrating isn't it. We had a nightmare day with S yesterday, enema wouldn't work, DN then came back to give suppositories, which finally did. Spent about 5 hours in the bathroom. After all the hassle of that, his bag then got detached. Can you not cover the tap with something. Or get a different type of bag. S came home from respite, the other week, with a new type of tap, you had to push it one way or the other. Very fiddly, I struggled to work out to empty the bag at first, a Carer had to show me. Also his bag is attached to his leg by a sleeve bag, it does stop him easily being able to fiddle.

    Do let me know how you get on, when you go to the hospital on Saturday.

    Lots of love


  • Heady will keep you updated with the hospital, DN said there are some clipped to go on them, she is going to order some for us, he opened his leg bag again today, all over the floor, over the sofa and he got me, such a hard bloody day again!!!!!

  • Poor you. I haven't had that yet but I think I'd just cry. Well, I would if there was anyone to hear !!

    Big hug again, Love Jean x

  • Well B may or may not have his first UTI....and yes hes opened his bag which then leaked all night long.....It's amazing I have any more finish on the floor!


  • Ooh no heady,never heard of this but am very interested to hear more.....x

  • I'll let you know, if we have to go down that road.

    Lots of love


  • Sleeve bags - been using them for weeks -told you I was an expert ! Now you want to get into opti flow and flushing that is really exciting especially the suction bit .Just had a session before supper (quite a small supper after that have to admit)!!

  • I have heard of this before for constipation in other conditions and makes sense it would be useful for our sufferers. Not pleasant for the one who has to operate it I guess but like you say if done regularly shouldn't be as awful as mega explosions happening after enemas etc.

  • Heady

    Just looked this up online. I had never heard of it before. Although my hubby is in a Care Home he is now doubly incontinent too. I don't know what they do but will ask now I know there is something to control this. Can't see them wanting to do it in a Care Home however?

    He has 4 different hospital appointments over the next few weeks so I am worried sick about how we will cope if he soils himself. Worried about how I can get a stretcher into all the clinic's too. I know 3 of them don't usually have patients on stretchers. Not sure about the other as he has never been there before!

    Good luck to you with this new device. I hope it all works for you.

    Marie x

  • Either phone the hospital or the doctors. Tell them the problem about the stretcher and let them sort it. As for the other problem, do like you did when the kids were small, ignore it!!!

    Lots of love


  • Oh dear Lord ...........this bloody illness......

  • Well Heady I hope the new devise is successful and helps you to cope with this sh###y situation, so to speak. Must admit I don't relish the time when I have to deal with bowel stuff, to look forward to! Ben has had a few mishaps but always at home, not sure how I will deal with it when we are out and about but amazing what we carers are capable of.

    Love Kate xxx

  • The things I am learning with this disease.

    It certainly sounds like something rich people pay a lot for !!

    Wait to hear more, Heady.

    Love, Jean x

  • Just googled it, there's a strangely amusing cartoon lady showing you how to do it. The thing is cartoon ladies have cartoon poos which I'd imagine you clean up with an eraser. No disinfectant necessary, hay Heady?

  • We have been giving a DVD to watch, which is probably the same as you have seen on Google. Have yet to watch it, somehow Sky News is winning.

    Lots of love


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