Im back

Just got computer up and running hope all is well. As for Aunt Bev and I we are doing fine. Heres an update , I got Aunt Bev a nuroligest hes young and full of life he wants to figure out whats going on with her. Because of her he went and got certified for what we call the chair. I dont know how many of u have researched DBS for parkinsons well this is like that with out the surgery. Bev will sit in a chair they will hook those things like when they check your heart up to her and he will be able to see what nearves are not working on a tv screen and they shock them. Giving up is not an option the two of us well go to the ends of the earth to find something, anything that could possiby help or at least slow PSP down



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  • Kryste!! Been thinking about you; glad to hear from you,,,just heard from Mr Peter Jones boy I feel like I'm at a family reunion. So this dr fellah has an idea.....that's more than most! Please give us an update.....starting with the actual name; the pros and cons, your aunties response to it and the long term effect.....there's probably other stuff like does she have to take special meds or do anything prior to or after treatment etc.....and what other treatment is she getting. Will you get to be there with her : is it outpatient? well I can praddle on but it is good to hear from you and good luck to your auntie and God bless the both of you for taking care of her so well....

    Keep us on the updates!


  • His name is Dr. Heidi I will keep you updated and posted I got to fix the truck since I put a lift on it to get Aunt Bev in and out with but our last trip to California nearly killed the damn thing. Gonna work on it this week I do not know all the details yet but I know he sounds excited and very interested which is more than I can say for the last Dr. I took her too Let me just say he is on the outs with the main hospital because he is not a pill pusher so he got his own thing going now he wants to find the root of the problem not just push pills to prolong bullshit Wish me luck on truck and everything else I need it.

  • I believe in alternative forms or medical aid...just be sure you know all the things he is doing and that those things will not do more harm than good. I wish ya'll much you truck engine able to handle a lift?


  • How are you? Believe me I keep a close eye on every thing closely. I put a lift on the truck ill take a pic and show you its how I get her in and out of the truck its really for electric scooter but I bolted it down to the bed of the truck use a net for a hoyer lift and that is how I get her in and out not the safest but works all the same.

  • Wow sounds like you got it under control, chick :)


  • Hey, Kryste! Welcome back! Very glad to get your news, and to know you and your aunt are still fighting. Good for you! I wonder what has come of that environmental issue you were up against? Any developments with that? Best wishes, ec

  • Welcome back Krystle and aunt Bev. Love maddy

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