51 Days in hospital

We are home.  I crawled in bed with my Aunt Bev the other at the hospital and told her you and I both know you should have never made it through this not in your condition with two infection one a superbug that has a 70% death rate this should have done you in.  I rubed her hair back and told her no one can ever tell me that you do not want to live like this because you fought like hell and get to go home she smiled and gave me the thumbs up.  Yesterday when we were told she can finally go home the doc turned around and said Kryste in all my years of being a doctor I have never seen someone in Bevs condition be so well taken care of all I could say was I love her then turned to Aunt Bev (just messing with her) and said see where is my THAT A GIRL.  I can finally breath I was so worried that I would loose her but she has a will to live like know other.  The infections came from the tube that was stuck in her throat during surgery and like I told the attorney general I believe the hospital was trying to cover it up.  They discharged her and admitted her in to another hospital with out either one being told about it , we were told she was just getting moved to a nother floor and the picline was just to get antibotics  through her body faster it was all a lie. I went and filed a neglect report with the Elderly Protection and with the Attorney General  on how bad Aunt Bev was being treated and the neglect she suffered if I was not their. I took pictures kept notes and have two witnesses of the staffs actions.  It was a a night mare but the last nite when I made Aunt Bev a sign to hold up that says she wanted to be discharged and transfered to another hospital we were told by the nurse on duty the only way she is leaving on my shift is if she walks out of here.  My neck spun around three times and I snapped.  I will not allow anyone to talk to her in any kind of way,  needless to say I was escorted out but not before I had the head man from the other hospital only will i live is if you give me your word you will come down every half hour and check on her make sure her mouth is moist , sucktion her mouth and look her in the eyes and ask her if she is ok and make sure she is not laying in her own poop.  And he agreed I told bev if I dont go I am going to go to jail after I wipe her ass.  Needless to say the Elderly Protection came to the new hospital we are at under the pretence that I was going to be there so they can communicate with with bev about 3  sentence in I looked at her and asked are you here to investigate the report I filed or are you here to investigate me.  Guess which one it was Yep on me the hospital had filed a report on me for neglect by letting her have something in her mouth when they told me not to Wrong person to mess with because all I am is her v oice and I do not back down very easly and she said do it .  Sorry guys I am just blowing off steam not even sure if any thing makes sence but she is so happy to be home and so am I.  I am going to sit here for a few hours and read the post I have missed everything we learn from each other is so important  I have lots of hugs for all you and you are in my prayers 



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  • Oh how authorities try to put blame on anyone but themselves.  Keep fighting your corner and caring for your aunt.  You need to let off steam keep writing to this site it will enable you to put your arguments in order and is easier than kicking a wall and less painful.

    Best of luck Tim

  • What an awful time you have both had.  I'm so pleased Bev is home. Let's hope you both have time to relax a bit now.  Keep up the good work. You are obviously doing a brilliant act of love.


  • How awful!  Trying to send you extra strength across the ether, so you can carry on your fight.  As if Aunt Bev hasn't got enough to deal with.  Have they never heard of PSP and all it many problems! Keep up the good fight!

    Lots of love


  • Dear Kryste,

    So glad to hear that your Aunt Bev and you are back home again. What an ordeal ! Hope that both of you can catch up on some healing rest ! Please take care of yourself also ! 

  • Wow Kryste, You and Aunt Bev have been through it.  I don't know if it is over if you pursue legal action...so I can't say I am glad that is over with.  But I can say that hospitals are messy places causing injury as they try to heal.  I had issues with my mom's hospital many years ago. If you do pursue legal sanctions, then I wish you luck and strength girl! More power to ya!

    Stay strong,


  • Thank you im glad its over for now to if aunt bev wants me to than yes first i think i should wait to see what attorney general finds out i told them there where cameras in the room tell them to pull the tapes and lets see if they have disaapeared. I hope things are going good for you sorry it took so long to keep in touch

    hugs kryste

  • Oh, how awful - and how lucky your aunt is to have such a ferocious niece looking out for her!  If only every patient had such an advocate.  Maybe you should consider going pro!  Or cloning yourself. Hugs back at you!

  • I dont think the world could take two of me most of the time i'm a hot mess  i drive myself crazy.

  • Hot mess or no, you've saved your aunt's life, pure and simple. Probably many times!

  • Kryste I admire you. Lots of hugs, maddy

  • Well done Kryste. Thank God you have got her home. I am in the UK and was always allowed to stay in hospital with mum, as her primary care-giver, but with a whole team of nurses that supported me if necessary. At best we had a twin room with en-suite facilities and I was included in all meals. We were there for 3 weeks.

    From this side of the pond, it looks like the US health care system is purely profit driven, big business that sees sick people as raw material to be exploited.

    I hope she will now enjoy a period of wellness and you will both manage to put that horrid trauma behind you. Hugs to you both. 

    Janet x

  • Good luck, Kryste! 

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