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Back from UCSF

Aunt Bev and I are back from UCSF did more cognitive testing , and had her take a pill to really relax her for her MRI they dont really tell you much only questions after question for me we went down to fishermans warf when she was done so she could see all the sights, discovered something strange though, I took her to the warm water pool when we stopped in to see my mom, and she said to me she felt bad that she did not do good for Dr. Dan I asked her what she ment and she said she could not tell him what he had in her hand, so while we were in the water I started picking things up to see if she could tell me she had no problem getting the words out , also when the lady that teaches a class in the water her brain had no problem connecting to the parts she wanted to move she was walking in place , moving her arms and hands with ease she was doing everything the teacher was and switched to the next thing just like the lady, she can no longer move or talk at all anymore and I have started to feed her nothing works but it sure is hell did why we were in the water she walked just fine did squats and ran in place with out hesetation I havent talked to anyone yet just got home but it has me just stumped any ideas anyone? Hope all is well with everyone I pray for you all everynight .

hugs kryste

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YES!!!My husband did almost the same as your Aunt! He's been using a walker since....two summers summer ago constantly....I took him to the pool where I was sure he would drown if he did not have a personal trainer by his side. When he got in, he stood straight up and walked on his own! He even did leg exercises with very little help! He does have a floatie but thats probably more for my peace of mind! I figure that the constant pressure on the body allows his brain to feel as if it were being held up (and it is...sort of) by the water, thus it can concentrate at the task at hand. I really don't know because he could do the breast stroke well....However he could do not do the freestyle in that he could not flutter kick very well.

Tell me some other tests you did in the water with your Aunt and how she responded. Did you find she could talk better? B laughs alot we have a great time. People look at us a little strange but as it Provides for disabled and old folks they all get on with their lives and Bruce continues to giggle and laugh.....It doesn't help I'm cracking jokes to him..."ok old man don't go belly up on me you'll look like a beached whale....." "if I have to save you we'll be both meetin our maker today..." Not a good time to crack jokes but we do have fun......

Well congratul;ations that you found something that helps your aunt do things not done in awhile......If you find out what it is let me know !!!!Thanks



We did the same thing just joked and laughed people looked at me like I was some nut case but we had such a good time I hated to get out and she talked so clearly she said she would never get out if she did not have to god it just breaks my heart keep in touch

huggs kryste


What was the MRI she in a research study or are you still trying to diagnose?


She is in research, the MRI is a very sinsative one cant have any medal anywhere and a special wheelchair they are looking at her brain to see what is going on we have 3 visits the first one was for a week and this one was for 2 days i am not sure about the one in Dec. they are looking at the progression of PSP to see what if anything can be done to stop it from progressing so fast they did tell us it looked like she has had a few mini strokes in her brain not quite sure what they ment checking it out also if i find out why they do so good in the water I will let you know and yes we laughed and joked just like you and people were looking at me also like I was some kind of nut case but we dont care. I wonder if it relieves some kind of pressure on the spine or has something to do with the spine it was simply amazing




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