Hope everyone is doing well havent been on in a while only for a few seconds to check on everyone things have been just crazy. Well you want to hear something strange the neighbor Rich came down about three weeks ago to bring Aunt Bev some papers I guess they have been fighting the NFD for over twenty years for buying land across the street that was deeded FOREVER wild life area any way they scratched each others back and bought land that was for sell where I am getting with this he informed me he could no longer fight because he could not write anymore that he was just diagnosed with PARKINS REALLY as I was looking and watching him its the same as my Aunt Bev the same systoms in the begining that she had, now mind you we live in a are with less than 3000 people, and their life styles are not the same the only thing they have in common is they live at the lowest part of the valley and right across the street from the so called TREE FARM which is really the headquarters for the NDF frabrication shop, a paint shop, heavey equipment repair you name it its there . I told her nuroligest about him also haveing Parkins and he said that is impossible I SAID WELL REALLY WHY DONT YOU COME TO MY HOUSE AND SEE. with a little digging and snooping and a little sneakyness guess what I found out. They live on COMSTOCK SUPERFUND BUT WAS DOWN GRATED TO HIGH LEVELS OF MUCRUY AT THE LAKE A QUARTER MILE AWAY REALLY HOW IN THE F--- DO YOU DOWN GRADE TO SUPERFUND TO HIGHLY TOXIC AND WHY IN THE HELL WASNT ANYTHING DOWN ABOUT IT. SORRY I AM SO MAD I AM SPITING NAILS OUT MY EAR AND JUST BLOWING OFF STEAM, LAST NIGHT WHEN I WAS LAYING IN BED I REMEMBERED WHAT AUNT BEV SAID ABOUT GRANDMAS LUNG CANCER EVEN THE MAYO CLINIC WAS IN SHOCK AT THE CANCER SHE HAD IN HER LUNGS Just so you know she lived direcly back from Aunt Bev 1/3 mile. I know I should not betaking about this but I have no one else to vent to . Not only that this is how krystes trickle effect goes after that a car in front of me hit a cow , cow landed in my lane i hit it at 50mph flew 30 feet pulled off the road and put flashers on went to check on people in first car and a lady driving to fast to get to the airport to pick up her son side swipes my jeep now all i could think well here we go welcome to krystes world thank good bev was not in the car with me I am having hair anaylsas done on Bev and Rich tomarrow to find out what chemicles are in their system and I sure hope they do not find any methomucry or parts clearner in their systems because if so they havent seen the likes of me I promise that I will be stright on BITCH mode.

Ok I am done God I feel better Thanks for lessoning hope everyone is well and my prayers are with everyone of you OH yea Jeeps totaled

hugs Kryste

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  • Whew! You've certainly been having an eventful time but not the events you want. It's a relief to know you survived the accident but not so good for the car. I'll be interested in knowing the results of the hair analysis.

    Please keep us posted.

    Have a good day.


  • I will sending it in today thank for listening hope things are good with your and yours

    hugs Kryste

  • Hi Kryste. Good to hear from you after a long time. Sorry about all that happened besides the PSP. Let us know the outcome of the tests. Love Maddy

  • Hi Maddy thanks I hope things are good with you too I will keep you informed

    Hugs and Hugs

  • Hi kryste, I too would be interested in the findings. Thank goodness you survived after hitting the cow and that you were out of the jeep when it got hit, what a day.... Take care. Nanny xx




  • Hugs back at ya hope you are doing ok now that I have no car Ill be able to sit still for a min we are always on the go, dont know what I will do with time , just finished with Aunt Bevs nails her swallowing is getting worse every day , I will keep you informed on the test, BIG HUGS TO YOU

  • Hi Kryste,

    I am in awe at your spirit even before you engage ‘BITCH’ mode, I’m willing to bet that cow wouldn’t have had the nerve to collide with your vehicle had it known who was behind the wheel.

    I’m not familiar with your references but if I get the gist correctly, a large industrial outfit has ridden roughshod over safety regulations and got away with dumping ‘nasties’ into the lake and atmosphere. If that is the case I would not want to be either in their shoes, or those of the failing regulators, when you hit full power.

    I’m considering fitting a cooler to my computer just in case the tests prove positive – I should hate for it to explode downloading your next post!!

    Best of luck and kindest regards,


  • Thanks you put a smile on my face , but the methomercury was from the Comstock mines back in the 1800's and in stead of cleaning up its been one cover up after another, The lake in front of the house Ill take a pic and post it was included in the Superfund but my Aunt Bev who I take care of sayed they never came and did anything and down graded it to a hight risk, When I get hair sample back I will know for sure I hope not because I just spent a lot of time putting a hot tub up for her because its the only time she feels good is in the water , just amzing she can move and walk and just feels a little normal gonna suck if it contaminated and Im getting her in and out all the time hopefully not just strange the neighbor 2 houses down has come down with the same thing as Bev Ill get to the bottom of it I also took in a hair sample for him too So put some beer in your ice chest this might be a party

    hugs kryste

  • Hi, very interested that Grandma could possibly have been effected by chemicals. This is one of my theories! The chemicals in the parents body, passed through to the infant and triggers the onset of PSP! But because the damage is so slow, it takes years to start show an effect! S's father worked for Rolls Royce, making engines for planes during the war! No H & S police around then, so who knows what he had direct contact with!

    Let us know the results of your tests!

    Lots of love


    Ps. Glad you are OK!

  • Thanks When I took Aunt Bev down to UCSF for research they said they did not think that hers was passed down, the cancer my grandma had was so shocking even the Mayo clinic was shocked. I dont know but I am not going to stop until I can find some kind of answer plus Rich (hes the neighbor 2 houses down) he also has been diagnosed with the same thing.

    we will know more when the hair test come back I will keep you posted.

    Big Hug Good Morning to you

  • Hi, I didn't mean that PSP had been passed down. Just the chemicals in the parents body, triggered PSP in the infant! Just a thought!

    Lots of love


  • I know silly how are you doing are you feeling ok and hanging in there ,

    Aunt Bev is so tired of this desease its getting so hard for her now but I just keep her hanging in there she dont want to some times it breaks my heart

  • Get this on the news chick, you do it quietly , they will be able to brush you aside! and no one will ever know or they will call you a loone or you name it....GET SOMEONE ON YOUr SIDE!


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