Another smashed tv table!but hubby ok!

Went out for half an hour with our beautiful dogs and returned to glass everywhere but hubby miraculously ok!We have been through 2 tv tables in the last 2 years!TVok too which is amazing.At least this time the lounge wall was left intact.What a disgusting disease this is as he randomly thinks he can still stand up. NO NO NO its impossible.Called my dear friend to help me clear up,dont know how i would manage life without her.She has gone through the last 6 years with me from 3 years mis diagnosis of hubby and now knows all about CBD.More than many pros as she gets the right hand info from me bless her.As i am writing this my tea is cooking and ive got a glass of Merlot.My goodness it tastes good xxxxx

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  • Omg milly, how scary! So so lucky he wasn't hurt! Thx god for your wonderful neighbour! I'm going to be honest, ditch the tables or anything that may get in his way! We did! Enjoy your dinner but mostly darling enjoy the 🍷, you deserve it!! X

  • Meant to add, yes, a truly truly disgusting, horrid, hateful, ghastly, unfair, rotten, shitty, heartbreaking illness!! As I've said before I wish Psp would just foxtrot Oscar!! X

  • Bless you it tasted v good xxxx

  • Oh dear! What a relief he didn't hurt himself. It's so good to have friends you can call on. It makes a lot of difference knowing we aren't alone doesn't it.


  • Certainly does.He isnt a cat with 9 lives more like 18 !

  • Oh my god how luck was that, you are so lucky you have such a lovely friend, they are hard to find. Enjoy you dinner and of course your wine xxxxxx

  • Don't tell anybody, but our TV table is glued together!....He just snapped off the 3d of a 3 legged table...and though it only has three legs, it's really been the most stable table of them yet! So I fixed and moved on....It is amazing the tv is ok...the flat screens are lighter than the box ones....which when my husband fell once, box tv came right on top of him.....I could not lift the thing I had to run to the neighbors to help unpin my rather embarrassed husband! He is now banned from that part of the room...hahaha with the remotes , it's not a necessity anyway! I am very glad your husband is the way, we now have the flat screen anchored to the wall...this may be soemthing you want to think about.....before you go and buy that 3d table! Have you noticed that todays products, are not meant to withstand...anything....esp. our husbands!



  • What an excellent reply v helpful xx

  • I think after that, anything with alcohol would taste great, I am raising my glass of Merlot to you. I'd love to say, things can only get better, but we all know the truth, Satt has summed it up completely. Perhaps, like AVB has suggested, put the TV on the wall!

    Lots of love


  • Thanks Heady,bless you.Dont think its been a good day.just done the last peg feed and it seemed to leak! Great! Oh Dear,i never ever used to swear!!!!

  • Yes been there, done that! I've now removed everything that Keith can fall on or trip over! Sadly he can't walk very far now, l have to push him around in his glideabout, a lot safer for him and the furniture!

    Hugs....Pat xx

  • Oh dear. Anyone coming into our house probably thinks we're extreme minimalists. There is nothing to fall on or walk into to impede hubby's passage, even though he can no longer get by on his own, but it's so much safer. TV is on the wall which is the best place for it now. Do the same millywigg2. It's PSP/CBD life. Be safe

  • Good idea i think xxxx

  • Not much furniture left in our house either.


  • Glad you husband not hurt xx

  • Oh, how frightening. Glad you had a friend to support you. I might need to think about TV on wall.

    love, Jean x

  • Charles fell Monday on our coffee table. I sold it the next day! What next we say.

    I also enjoyed a glass or two this past weekend. Cheers and hugs.


  • Bless you.Hope the vino was tasty.My weekend ended with a horrible nose bleed but hey ho thats nowt is it when we deal withCBD and PSP!

  • same thing happn=emdeto me 2yrs ago 1 i fe;ll thro a v. lrgecffoeee[ t\ablle but was unhurt! surrounded by glass which had shattered i could nt move until a neighbour lifted me out and then clearped up all glass [1-000pieces ro more'] helped by my carer

    lol jill


    sp we now have a wooden thing to replace it

  • It seems a common occurence with us all! xx

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