Wonderful, happy news!

For those of you who were kind enough to take an interest and to sign petitions and such, please know that we heard this morning that my beloved sister-in-law, Homa Hoodfar, who was imprisoned in Iran more than three months ago, was released and deported this morning. We are beside ourselves with joy. Thanks for letting me share this ordeal with you, and I am very grateful for all the support I received from the community. Really, we are very happy today.

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  • Wonderful news EC!

    Lots of love


  • Thanks, Heady!

  • So pleased to hear the good news. What a wonderful reunion with family and friends that will be. I pray she will soon be able to rebuild her life and the trauma of recent months will soon be overshadowed by good things to come.


  • It's going to be a great day when we are all together again, for sure!

  • Thank God! Love, Mary B

  • Amazing news EC!! I'm delighted to hear this as I have often wondered how she is doing?! Please do let us know how Homa is? Get the 🍾 Out!!!! X

  • I had a very good bottle of the real fizz waiting and had the neighbors round to share it with us! We are very happy!

  • I'm so pleased for you all!! X

  • Great, great news couldn't be happier :)

  • Thanks, Audrey. And how are you?

  • Fantastic!!!! We all need good news and this is the best kind. A virtual hug to you and Homa !


  • Fantastic news, I'm so pleased for all of you, let the celebrations begin!


    Hugs....Pat xx

  • Thanks, Pat! We are celebrating!

  • I was so glad to hear of her release. Hope she will be much better soon with proper medication and medical treatment. Being back with her family will do wonders. God bless.

  • EC - Absolutely thrilled and so relieved to hear such fabulous news ! Hoping that Homa will regain her health when she is back home .

  • Praise God.....a prayer answered

  • Great news. I'm happy for you and your family. Maddy x

  • Great news. You must all be delighted and looking forward to a big re union.

  • Great news, welcome her home.

  • It will be some time before we get to see her in person, but I expect we will have a video chat soon. Oh happy day! Of course she will be mobbed for a while by her friends and relatives in the UK first. Lots of very joyful folks will be lined up from London to Montreal. And she will need peace and rest. I bet she will be astonished to learn of all the attention her case inspired.

  • Wonderful news to wake up to this morning. Roll on the celebrations xxxx

  • Hey, Putland, thanks. I was just wondering how you are doing. Last I saw your husband was in hospital with a dislocated shoulder? Is that right? And you were thinking about getting some help in. How are you both? Love, ec

  • Yes he is still in hospital, as the HSE in Ireland are trying to get me some help at home so wont release him until then. This is his second dislocation in 3 months both shoulders dislocated as he keeps getting up on his own and falling. At least at the moment I can recharge my batteries and be stronger when he comes home. Thanks for reply xxx Great news for you at the moment enjoy the celebrations xxx

  • Enjoy the respite, however it comes!

  • Very happy for you xxxx

  • Such good news.

    love, Jean x

  • Thanks, Jean. Isn't it just nice to have something unequivocally good happen?!

  • That's great news, so happy for Homa and all the family. xx

  • God Bless you and yours. Happy news!

  • That is great news!!!

  • I just finished reading the article in my local paper. I live on Long Island, New York. Am so happy for her and all your family! Love and Hugs all around to you. May Homa feel well again very soon.

  • Praise God!!!!!

  • Great news and outcome.


  • I can't describe the relief.

  • great news ec

    lol jill


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