Wonderful weekend!!!

Hi all! Yes, we were there, waving our flags, for who ever scored! Tried to shout for Australia, but it was just as exciting when the All Blacks scored and won the match! ( Rugby World Cup!)

We stayed in a hotel for two nights. Must say the facilities for S were really good. Got to the ground, we were thoroughly spoilt! No queuing, everyone got out the way, the staff were very caring and keep making sure we were all comfort and people weren't blocking our view! The toilets, we had to use our radar key, so nobody else could use them, again, not queuing. I did think it was going to be hard work with S, but no, it was fabulous! OK, I did have help with my daughter and her partner, but that meant we were able to have fun and good laugh!

Getting into a pub afterwards, was no problem, everyone just got out of the way, he had lots of attention, from loads of young pretty women!!!

We can still take part in "normal" life, can't get any more normal than a big sporting occasion. It was well organised by my daughter, to make life easy. But even coming home, we flagged down a black cab and we could just push S into it!!! The facilities for our loved ones at these big venues are very good and actually work, staff are trained to look after you. It's just a shame that the places we have to visit most of the time, doctors, hospital, supermarket etc, etc,., it's such a struggle!

Lots of love


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  • So glad you had such a good time, Heady! It's nice to hear of it!

  • That's brilliant Heady. I'm so pleased you had a good time. May there be many more such occasions for you both.

    🏈 🍷🍺


  • What a match !!! Such a good game.

    How great that it went so well for you. Its so good to feel part of the human race, isn't it ? I'm often moved by how good so many people are.

    Good memories !!

    Love, Jean x

  • Sounds fab heady

    Good on you!

    Thx u for sharing hoping this provides some inspiration to others!!!


  • Me too! The more we all share the good parts of our lives, the more it will help us all, to live our lives to the full!

    Lots of love


  • Good for you Heady - glad you had a wonderful couple of days - no stopping you now .


  • good on yer heady that's the best news I have heard for a long time mate now you have made my day even if the aussies did lose it was a great

    game so I hear while i was snoring my heads off

    and even my wife went back to sleep; so I did not feel so guilty about asking her to wake me up if I was slee;ping coz my slee;ping habits have got a lot better over the last couple of months and I go through till about 5 am now which is great see yer mate take care peter jones queensland Australia

  • Oh Heady I'm so glad everything went so well for you all and you had a great time, what a match to be part of! Here's to more good times, cheers. Nanny xx

  • That is wonderful, Heady!

  • Great stuff Heady!!! Wonderful you can get right out there and enjoy. I watched the game on TV (nail-biting for a while though)..and then watched the replay ..and then a third replay ... (yes, I'm in NZ). It was a wonderful tournament the UK put on. Impressive games. That you and your husband got there and had a great time is the icing on the cake. you made my day!

  • Yes, is was a good game, watched a replay when we got home!!! Did get close for a while, but then it became obvious that NZ would win! We were quite close to the two tries in the second half. That was the only close action we saw!!! Did get a few close ups of the players, big guys!!,!!!!

    That made mine and my daughters day!!!

    Lots of love


  • What a fabulous experience, my boys are arranging tickets to see Leicester City game, Ben's a keen supporter and think he will thoroughly enjoy himself. They and we deserve some joy in our lives don't we! Xx

  • Oh boy, do we deserve some joy!!! Not a good morning so far!!!

    Lots of love


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