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Have been very busy sorting out several domestic problems, fridge freezer breakdown, plumber who made a minor situation worse and we had water flooding the toilet, and part of a bedroom upstairs, resulting in our downstairs bedroom getting a wet patch on the ceiling. All this time, there were workmen putting a new roof on the conservatory with the usual noise and mucky chaos. Then I had one of my "funny " turns. I was on the phone so didn't do the usual, sitting, head down, deep breaths, routine. I started to sit down but instead, found myself waking up, lying on the floor and thinking I was in bed. Then I realised that I was lying on the lino .My cheekbone was hurting. Then I remembered the man on the phone. I found the phone under the table and reasurred him. It wasn't long before the painful bruising came out. I called the Doc. who said she would come but forgot to. I rang the surgery again that evening and a kind young Doc. called in to see me on the way home. He gave me a chit for xrays and said he would refer me again to Cardiology- they have already knocked back two referrals, telling me to take more salt and liquid. I have too much salt as it is as well as plenty to drink. This has made me nervous of driving and more stressed, ( if that is possible!) when B does dangerous things, or keeps me awake.Sorry to moan, I just needed to get it off my chest!

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  • In fact you may have passed out due to stress...from the freezer to the plumber to the construction workers mixed in with your day to day dealings with PSP! your body was taking a respite whether you wanted one or not! Do be serious about this and get the tests drs tell you to...Good luck...get some rest..



  • Yes, it could be stress, but my father had the same sensations before passing out and he needed a pacemaker. My heart monitor showed that my heart rate suddenly drops. Reason unknown. Thanks for hugs. Much appreciated. X

  • Well need your body say more, eh? sounds like you might need a pacemaker?

  • Terrifying! How long and how often have you been having these turns? It certainly doesn't seem like something that the doctors should be putting off.

  • Probably about a year now. X

  • Oh, Robbo

    What a nightmare!

    As if PSP and caring were not enough!

    I hope you get to the bottom of the blackouts soon. They sound very frightening.

    Thinking of you.



  • Thank you. I am going to persue this. The scary bit was that usually I can fight off an attack, but this time, I couldn't. X

  • Yah maybe changing your mindset. This is not psychological but physiological. Your heart (or something) needs help...you are not helping it to heal by "fighting it off".... Don't want to sound to blunt and curt..but you need a doctor...


  • Oh no that sounds really awful, so much happening at the same time,for your own sake please take it a bit easier, you have more than enough to deal with as it is!

    Thinking of you....

    Love and hugs....Pat xx

  • Thank you for your love and hugs, Pat, they are much appreciated. B. has started to think he can walk again, too which adds to the stress, so I welcome your support.X

  • I know that ....and now that Bruce has a hose thats connected to a bag thats connected to something lower than his bladder , when he falls, he yanks and pulls on that hose...can't be good for all parts in between! Plus the clip is weakening which means that which the clip is securing is now leaking all over the floor...not just the ones at home!

  • Robbo1.. dear ,please take care of your self .. do xrays and check them with dr.. pull yourself together for you and your husbands.. Psp already something persistant.. No need for other problems.. Get some rest dear..

    Lots of hugs.. xx

  • So true Maisalah....Robbo1, GET SOME HELP!...Fight the attack off by fixing not ignoring!!!!



  • So scary isn't it, I had a turn the other day, got up too quickly and had a dizzy spell, had to sit own to collect myself and then get Ben from the hospice day Centre. It makes you worry that if you become ill what will happen to the both of you.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better despite all the work and extra problems associated along with dealing with PSP, get those tests done and best of luck getting yourself dieted.

    Love Kate xxx

  • Okagree etc.Lol,,kill


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