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Thanks everyone!

I just wanted to say thanks everyone for the many responses I had to my recent post, Keith is now home from hospital, although he did pull out a second catheter (ouch again!) He was in for three nights in total and things haven't been great on his return! He seems to have lost complete control of his bladder and has an appointment with the urologist on Friday, hopefully something will be sorted soon!

On a happier note the CHC have fully funded his fees at the care home which I wasn't really expecting and he did quite enjoy his stay. There is another PSP sufferer in permanent residence there so they knew what to expect for a change! When I asked Keith if he was getting along with everyone he said yes apart from that man with PSP, they had put them on the same table at mealtimes and because the other man is further along the road I think it upset Keith, which is understandable I suppose. When I suggested it perhaps wasn't a good idea to sit them together they understood and stopped doing it.

Anyway thanks all again, you all keep me going and I'm so grateful for you....

Love and hugs....Pat xx

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Pat glad Keith is home, must of hurt pulling out the catheter, George has has he's catheter nearly a year, apart from the urine infections, it has been a god send. Glad the CHC paid for the care home, I bet that feels like ages ago now. I hope you get it all sorted out on Friday!!!!!! Sending you and Keith a big hug. Yvonne xxxxx.


Dear Pat.. i am so happy that Keith is now home from hospital.. hope he will be good always...As for the residence i am glad that he had a good time there and also happy that the presence of another Psp sufferer made them knows about the stages of the disese and maybe the idea of this sufferer sitting with Keith was to help him coping with the disease-thats how we thinks- but i am sure that is not the way Psp sufferer thinks as they knows for sure thats nothing wrong about them. So Pat why dont you use conveen instead of the permanent catheter?.. Take care . Mai xx


When S was in the nursing home a couple of weeks ago, there was a lady with PSP. Since coming home, he has been wearing sunglasses now and again, because she was and his mood has definitely been low. I am beginning to wonder if seeing her has depressed him. Although he meets PSP sufferers at the PSPA Meetings, it's a bit different, seeing someone every day. I would say the woman was near enough the same stage to S. I suppose that has just answered my query and all I have done the last couple days is kick and scream I can't cope, because he is refusing to eat or drink. Oh how I hate this disease and what it turns you into, I was, once upon a time, a nice human being, (well I thought so!!!).

Lots of love



I am sure you still are! X


Hi Pat, I'm glad he is out of hospital and hope the urologist can sort things out very soon xx


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