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Constant tapping

Hi my lovely friends,

I am curious. Mum has psp and taps constantly with her hand. It started when she wanted something, she would then knock with her knuckles but now she just taps her hand on anything and everything. I feel it's habit now but I'd love to know what she's thinking. If I'm sitting right by her she taps my leg. Well I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this.

Also it's mum's birthday today, she's 83!!! I'm off with cake and flowers to make a fuss.

Yesterday she was quite smiley, I hope she is today.

Lots off love Michele xx

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Sorry I have no experience of the tapping however I hope your mum enjoys her special day as much as possible

🍰🎂🎁🍾💐 x


Thank you so much Satt2015, she had a lovely day. Her twin sister visited too and she managed to say happy birthday to her which was lovely as mums speech is pretty much gobbledygook.

Strange about the tapping though I guess each sufferer has their own little ways xxxxx


Hi there!

I, too, have experienced a form of tapping with my sister. She "pats" her fingers and/or hand on her leg or chest, depending on whether she is sitting or lying down. Also, when she is sitting, her leg or both legs "bounce". Sorry, it's hard to describe what she does. It can be quite distracting at times, I try to ignore it. Sad to say, I have thought,at times, she was doing it on purpose. I'm still not sure if she is or not.

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Thank you Gracie Girl for sharing. It's bizarre. I'm sure it's just escalated now from when she wanted something into a habit. Don't you just wish you could get inside their minds, just for an hour, to try to understand better what is going on.



Hi Michelle

One of the tests the Neurologists do is to ask patient to copy him / her. They then stand opposite the patient and clap their hand once. The PSP person often does a double or triple clap. They repeat, "Do exactly what I do" and then clap once. By the third or fourth time the patient is continually clapping.

L does something similar with her food. She makes a movement with the spoon to draw the food toward her on the plate in a quick short repetitive movement. This makes a pinging sound. Then suddenly she is tapping her plate repeatedly at speed. When asked she says she can't stop it. She goes stop after some ten seconds.

Could this be similar?



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Thank you Kevin, it's so hard to understand what is going on inside their minds eh, however it helps so much talking on this site and hearing of similar situations. I do understand that no two patients are alike.


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