Hi, my mum has deteriorated very quickly over the last few weeks, she had a uti that didn't respond to the first lot of antibiotics but the second lot have made a slight difference. She can no longer do anything for herself and has to be hoisted to be moved. I had to fight to have her food puréed but that is now being done. The nursing home also asked me to confirm that she did not want to be resuscitated if her heart stopped. Today the nurse told me that the dr had been and said that her blood tests show she is now in renal failure, he will repeat blood test in 2 weeks. She's very tired now and speech is also deteriorating, she no longer watches the tv which she has always loved. I feel she cannot see very well either. It's her 80th birthday today and we've all been to see her, my kids have in their own way said goodbye as they struggle to see their beloved nan like she is. I hate this disease with a passion, and as much as I do not want my mum to die, I pray that she can go peacefully.

Julie xx

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  • I'm sorry, Julie, that you, your family and your mother are going through this, but it seems she is in a safe place, is being cared for and has loved ones near. That is what we wish for our loved ones and ourselves. Hang on, be as present as you can be, and be very kind to your self in the coming weeks. The loss of a parent is hard. I'm sending you love and best wishes. Ec

  • My prayer as well Julie.  


  • Thinking of you at this difficult time .

    love, Jean x

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you xxx

  • its  a difficult tme  4 u watching your mum deteriorate so quickly but when her tim e  comes I'm sure she will have appreciated having yyou and all her family arou nd her - i hope she goes soon 4 all ur sakes

    lol jilll#

    xxxxPSP person in  the  UK

  • Always so difficult for a family who love your mum but when she is struggling to hold onto life it can be a relief to know that she she will no longer have to suffer this horrible disease. My thoughts are with you. Kate xx

  • Amen and may God bless you.  Take care of yourself xxx and a big hug.

  • So sorry Julie to hear this - sending you lots of love and strength hope you can be with her as much as possible till the end. but in any case you are doing the best you can 

     and hope that your mum can go peacefully and painfree.

    Like you hate the bloody PSP with a passion 



  • My prayers are with you and your family. I think the home can call hospice in to give you extra support. It is good that your mom has the support of the family there. Peace be with you during this time.

  • Our sympathies to you and your family and hope your mum can enjoy her day and then be released from PSP painlessly.

    Best wishes to you and your family at this time Tim

  • Thinking of you in this difficult time.  

  • @julieanna25arobinson

    Sorry your mom is doing poorly. This is a hard road to travel . Caring for a loved one is  a wonderful thing and yet it rips you apart when you realize you are going to loose them.  My husband took a dive before Christmas and could do nothing for himself. We also had to use a lift to move him . Than  8 weeks later he all of a sudden stood up from his wheelchair and was trying to get into his Lazy Boy recliner. R has up and down days but mostly he can transfer with some assistance. Still  use lift to get into the tub. I know this reprieve will not last but am happy for each day we can share. God bless you and your family and give you strength for what ever lies ahead. 

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