So What's in you Toilet, Or is this the way it looked Yesterday?

...OOh gross right? Gotcha! I'm talking about the toilet tank! About 1.5 years ago Bruce went through, well cracked a BRAND NEW toilet tank......I had just gotten done replacing the old tank that he went through when Clunk he sat down hard and cracked it !!!!.My son was able to use a marine glue to fix this one..and for the last 9 months it's been slowly leaking til finally I had to keep the water from reaching the crack by doing some smart maneuvering to the flow. Well even that was n't helping any more so I decided to pay the 170.00 for the tank...took a day to get here brought it home from the plumbings supply where before I opened it I told myself, "I should've opened this at the store...." bolts were in right place; plumbing flow thingys were in the right place...but it did not look the was an arch front where my other tank was more rectangular whereupon it could sit on the bowl it was jsut rocking back and forth ....So I called store just as a confidence boost that it was indeed the right mans retort; "Oh yah YOU(?) got the wrong one.....Me? I pointed it out to ya'll right in your own store! oh well...Buyer beware folks....Remember to look before you accept! Better yet get a plumber....and make sure it looks the same way today as it did yesterday...

....Well it's been about an hour . Combined with a break to talk to ya'll and not scream at the dog or the man, I have successfully (too strong of word) put the old one back till tomorrow...i'ts sort of leaking and this time not from the crack tank endured \ but because the bolt or the o ring (?) not on tight enough...oh well I 've had water all over my floor before...just make sure it doesnt happen tomorrow

Happy flushin' ya'll


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  • Oh, this sounds like hell!

    That would reduce me to tears and a half.

    I was thinking about this the other day. No really!

    FWIW... fit a new tank and don't screw it tho the wall.

    Instead of Marine glues use builders glue CC1 is one international brand... same stuff, but much cheaper.

    Glue a piece of 4mm neoprene or similar the the wall... now glue the cistern to it. Shock proof! And strong.

    Remove the lid, because crashing into that will crack the main cistern.

    Probably too late... sorry.

    Now happy, well you know, happy whotsit!



  • What's FWIW?

  • For what Its Worth.


    I am astonished at your resourcefulness.

  • FWIW OHHH cute!

    Well for WHIW, I replaced it to find it was doing the same thing as the other was with the cracked tank.....Could it be it was a leaker in the first place! I looked up the Champion Pro 4 and found alot of complaints to this effect so hummmmm. Son even came over and redid everything......I called the American Standard and hardly without an argument they offered to send me another one....Listening to this song right now with reprieve "Any day now I shall be released" It has so many implications...from the mundane dripping toilet to the Spiritual meaning I am sure Mr Marley intended! But for now my toilet...I want to be released from the drip; from the having to wait for a new one; from having to install yet another tank!!!! and from holding my breath (no pun intended) every time my husband takes a seat...

    Goodnight Friends


  • Your wry humour has me smiling.

    I think PSP caring is perhaps a training ground for solving major world problems

  • Thanks K1...It's nice to be appreciated...After just finishing the first series of tank replacement and I told my husband my sad sorry news....his retort , check the window ac (it drips water...a natural occurrence..and we check it to make sure it's not overflowing)...not one empathetic snort toward my toilet issues...

    So thanks K1 I needed a little acknowledgement!

    AVB....If this is going to solve world issues, I'm glad flushing them down the toilet is the final outcome.......hahahaha

  • Adding - and just what do you not take on in this crazy carers world!

    Strength to You!

  • Oh the things we have to learn to do. I hope you soon get it sorted.


  • Oh, my silly mind...

    If the leaks are bad turn the water off to the toilet and flush by pouring a bucket of water down it.

    Hope that's helpful.

    Probably one more thing you don't really have to take on tho'.


  • Yes...actually I placed a toothbrush under tank lever which would shut off valve before it reached the crack then just take the t\brush out when we need to flush! hahha...Thanks K1 for your helpful hints!


  • Toothbrush! Creative thinking or what!

    Nice one :)

  • Oh and don't worry. brush HAS been retired from it's intended usage......!

  • Well done, plumbing is one thing I avoid, having 34 yr ago had to leave M with a leaking (well fountain where the taps should have been) she had asked (instructed) me to replace a sink before I went to sea for 6 months. I had warned her that doing it on a Sunday was a bad decision. The plumber could not stop laughing when he saw my hamfisted soldering and took pity on M who had 2 under 3's to look on did the job on the next day. So I was banned from any plumbing DIY.

    AVB you sound very self confident where doing Bruce's old chores. Well done Tim

  • Necessity not self confidence....And by the way, some 20 years ago, I asked Bruce to fix the leaky pipe underneath the kitchen...He put a bucket under it! Remember the saying "happy wife, happy life?" his life wasn't so happy for a while....Lol


    PS he said that it was only a temporary fix....Fix? Like your wife, I beckoned the plumber and it was done properly in a day! Should have listened to my own advice.....but really changing out a tank is not that hard....Well I'll tell you again today when I re-replace the new one.....haha

  • Our new toilet is a American standard, never thought I would Love a toilet but love this one.. I bought foam paddle boards used for kids in the water and cut them to size to fit behind the toilet so when hubby fall on to the toilet I'm hoping it will keep it in place..He has already chip the top of the tank. Good thing it's a semi wet room.

  • YESSSSS! I was thinking I would do that but with what...styrafoam...too fragile....canoe spacers my son has on his car ...too thick.....foam spagehtti toys cut in half. or foam boogy boards ...

    Thank you DW!


  • Yes my husband has chipped the lid several times....I think were good now .....Oh the places they fall , eh?...Do you know that man put a dent in the brick wall at church? Not even a bruise or bump....amazing!


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