Keep your fingers crossed!

Hi everyone,

Well after a stressful two hour interview with the powers that be and being told Keith will probably be assessed at having moderate care needs therefore not entitled to CHC I decided to take the bull by the horns and investigate further!

A little bird has told me that you can ask the doctor or specialist to help you apply for what they can Fast Track Pathway to CHC. I have printed out all the forms, spoken to Keith's doctor who has agreed to fill in his section of the application and just have to complete Keith's section which I'm going to do over the weekend.

Keep everything crossed, wish me luck, I hope to bring some good news soon so watch this space!

If you google Fast Track Pathway it will bring up all the information.....

Love and hugs....Pat xx

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  • Ooops sorry should have said what they call Fast Track Pathway....xx

  • Good luck Pat, we failed, I will look that up, thank you, xxx

  • Hi pant

    My dad was fast tracked for chc whilst in hospital in May

    Once they fast track it CANNOT be reversed (that is I believe if it is done by a doct) ie they have to award chc when fast tracking!

    That's my understanding anyway

    I wish you all the best with it, it's called fast track but an take a few weeks, but sooooooo worth it!


  • Sorry for the ignorance but what is CHC ???? Thanks

  • Don't be sorry Steve

    I learnt everything on here!

    Chc = continuing healthcare

    It's a complicated and long process in the uk that awards the patient with care at home or within a care home, all funded by the nhs, not means tested

    My dad now has 2 carers 4 times a day all paid for by the nhs

    It's hard to get and the patient has to tick a lot of boxes to be awarded it

    Google it

    Hope that helps x

  • Looking forward to it


  • Good luck, but after reading so many different CHC experiences I am more convinced it is a post code lottery and depends not on the patient's needs but the financial health of the local NHS. My advice is keep trying but also contact your local MP and local politicians (they will be trying to save cash on their social care budget so should be more than happy to help). But then what do I know M got it without a problem, broken arm that did not heal.

    Best of luck keep fighting Tim

  • i agree itim with what u have said

    lo jill

    xxxxps how is m now he is in the home/

  • Thanks Tim xx

  • ?

  • Fingers and everything else crossed for you Pat. Xxx

  • Thank you Kate....xx

  • Hi Pat

    I wish you all the best it shouldn't really come to this as the doctor should be the one assessing etc then this would cut out all the buerocracy that's going on we have to many people concentrating on " money and targets " Quality of life and best interests seem to be thrown out the window.

    I wish you luck

    Best wishes


    Rosemary Lodge residential Home

    Lichfield staffordshire

  • Thank you Jane....xx

  • Good luck pat everything crossed xxxx

  • Good luck, everything crossed.

    love, Jean x

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