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Has anyone else had this experience with chc?


I've tried to post a link to my blog lookingafterdadblog.wordpress.com but can't seem to at the moment so thought I'd just post my query...

My Dad was declared eligible for chc at the 3mth follow up assessment which is good news but as he's not under 'fast track' anymore & has outlived the 12 week 'end of life' threshold he can no longer stay at the nursing home he is at. Chc will, apparently be in touch to give us our options. I'm very upset for my Dad, he has only just really settled in at the home and now he has to move. I haven't told him yet, thought I'd wait until I know when the next meeting is.

Has anyone else gone through this upheaval?

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Can't see it sadly. I am not on Facebook.

Marie x

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I've amended my post. X

I don’t understand why they’d need to move you Dad? If they’re awarded chc for a further 12 months then why can’t your Dad stay put? Seems wrong! X

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I know! I haven't spoken to chc, I'm not going to chase them they can contact me as no one said anything about moving him. The care manager at the home said it's an end of life bed he's in and as he's no longer actively end of life (& not fast tracked this time.. how can he be fast tracked again if he's already there??)

I'm baffled!

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So this home ‘only’ deals with end of life care? X

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No the floor he is on is respite care and has two end of life beds.

The rest of the home is full with waiting lists.

I'm just worried the effect tge move to another hone will have.

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Hold fire Hun!! Maybe he won’t have to be moved......as your dad is already there, I’d kinda hope he may take priority over any waiting lists......x

Hi The CCG are not allowed to make up rules of their own and they have to abide by those of the National Service Framework.


The rules are simple - Does the person qualify on health grounds as per the criteria - If yes a service has to be provided. Period. Despite this CCGs often introduce their own rules despite knowing it is literally illegal. If challenged and you hold your ground they often back down.

I would strongly recommend you discuss this with Beacon NHS advocacy service. They are an arms length service and they are very good. You get you get first hour free. If you only use part of that hour then you can keep coming back until your hour is used up - thereafter you pay a very reasonable fee / hour.

Their help and advice material - downloadable from the site, is also very good.


If you are about do come back and tell us what they say about the twelve weak 'rule' its useful to know.

Adding: The NHS is a health led service not a means of finance based one. So they cannot withdraw a service without undertaking a full DST.

Good luck


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Thanks Kevin, I'll give them a call tomorrow.

I really don't want my Dad moved to another care home at this stage of his illness/life.


Kevin, I thought I'd got back to you on this but obvs not. I rang Beacon & it is apparently absolutely in chc rights to move my dad if he is no longer classed as end of life & in an EOL room. The goid news is that I've not heard a dicky bird from anyone, so I'm keeping my head down & praying that they don't move him.

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