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STP for your area if in UK

Dear all I decided to see how far this has gone in our area. To my amazement we are in year1 of this plan. I haven't read it all but the main aim is to save money!!

For example they intend to save £8m from the CHC budget! I assume that is over a period of time. I had to stop reading it as I thought how Garry was left waiting to hear if he was going to get it and then did but too late! I will read it again later tonight when I am stronger.

That is just one aspect but I know how important CHC is to so many of the people on this site. There are two versions the Full Report and the Public Summary. Me being me I decided to read the full report!

However the other may do for most people. The one thing I am not sure of is whether or not the CHC figures for example are in the Summary. So you might want to look at the figure for your area in the main report?

I knew it wasn't going to be good but to save from the CHC budget has shocked me. Our area covers the whole of Cheshire and the Wirral. They have included Merseyside too but seem to have come to the conclusion that the needs of both areas are different!! There's a surprise? That's why people want local services for example?

I would be really interested to know if your STP is cutting CHC too.

We should ask anyone who knocks on our door for a vote about this! Bet they will never have heard of CHC!! You don't until you need it? Yet we are being led like lambs to the slaughter here and going along with it? All of us might need this in the future, apart from our loved ones needing it now? I know most people have their hands full as carers but if you can please spare a half hour to read your local plan? I am so upset that anyone would think of cutting CHC but £8m is a tempting saving?

Marie x

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I'll read this Marie later today. It is not only shocking but utterly disgusting too that they think this is acceptable?! What gets me is, people have paid their taxes and national insurance payments all their lives and they wham bam they try and screw everyone over! Total bar stewards!! Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Much love x

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Sorry must be silly don't really understand how to find this report x

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Not silly at all Yvonne!!!

I'm just gonna google and have a snoop lol, I'll let you know where it is asap x unless Marie gets in there first 😉

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I think it may be on here Yvonne....I'm just reading x


Yvonne you need to type into Google the area you live in plus STP. With any luck you will get the report for your area. No use looking at the one I mentioned!

Had another look and we are being linked to Wirral for some things and Merseyside for other things!! Not a happy bunny as they tried to block Garry from going to Christie's in Manchester 3 years ago. The Haematologist told me he didn't know any doctors there!! This was for his Leukaemia!

Presumably in future the main hospital will be The Royal Liverpool. There has been talk of closing the hospital for Chester and two hospitals on the Wirral. Not sure what will happen about that. Plus they are talking about building houses on some of the land at the hospital so no room to expand? To finish it all off it appears Kaiser Permanente (?) An American Health Insurance company has been in Cheshire and other parts of the country talking to NHS officials!! I hope we are all saving for our health care in future? It is really scary at our age.

Marie x


Thank you going to have a look xxx


Tell me is you find any figures mentioned? You too Amanda?

Marie x


There is too much for me to read on this STP... Though it is interesting.

The rules with regard to CHC funding have not changed though. They will probably apply them more strictly and there is already a big move for Soc. Serv. and NHS to collaborate more closely to avoid duplication.

It is not lawful for a Health Trust to refuse CHC because they do not have the budget.

I don't know if this helps.




Kevin too late to help me now that Garry is dead but they gave it to him just before he died after months of not knowing what was going on. Sound familiar?

I just wanted to help people who are still fighting this shower up and down the country. I saw two names I recognised on our STP. One the editor of it. She used to be decent I thought but perhaps I got that wrong? The other one seemed ok too! Makes you query what you have done with your life to be honest.

I was wondering if there was a general push to cut CHC funding or if it is only certain areas which are suggesting it? It makes me so angry as it is almost impossible to get it in certain areas now?

I understand what you mean about it being too long to read. I guess they are hoping nobody reads these reports? I find it incredible that BEFORE they are consulting the public they are signing contracts. So what is the point of consulting us then? We won't be able to change anything? To think we believe we live in a democracy!

Whatever happened Kevin? Makes me so sad as the NHS was such an important part of life here? Now Spain and France seem to have better health care. Not sure if they have the equivalent of CHC though? The way things are going we soon won't have it?

Hope you and Liz are having a good day? The sun is shining here but I am having a sad day. Yesterday was good. No rhyme or reason to it. I don't like being alone though so that might have something to do with it? Makes everything seem an effort somehow. Including weeding. They are taking over my garden!

Thanks for trying to plough through your report. I knew it was a big ask because I was struggling too, and you don't exactly have much or any free time?

Marie x


Hi Marie

'm so sorry, I didn't mean to be a damp squib. I guess I am too wrapped up in our day to day struggles.

I did look up our area and saw the names on the reports. One of them saved £250,000 one year just on staff cuts. It was the same amount as the bonus he got that year.

You've been up there on the committees and will know better than me I expect.

The executive of most trusts has been stuffed with bankers and such for a long time. The model is a business one. Avery ward or team is referred to as a business unit. The CCGs hold bidding for every three years on every business unit. Each three years a specification is drawn up for the given unit and the Trust has to produce a business plan to deliver services to that specification. Gradually the bidding is being opened up to non NHS bidders. This last ten years and more it has been a training programme to prepare the NHS for full on open business competition.

I'm sure you know all this - Just spelling it out for other folk.

This has been driven by numerous governments on both sides of the fence.

Yet we have the most cost effective and best clinical outcomes per $ in the world. Yes, its true. We also spend 2/3's per head of any of our closest countries, Netherlands, France, Germany and a fifth of the spending in the US. The latter has the worst outcomes per dollar in the developed world.

Sorry if I'm ranting. There will not be meaningful public consultation. They have to have the consultation though - regulations.

We need to turn the tap off at government level.

Well that's just my take.

Its good of you to draw our attention to it. I guess it just depresses me.

Two months already? They will have been long ones for you.

Hugs to you




Kevin you are anything but a damp squib You are doing the toughest job and you still always try to help others! I struggled to read the report for our area too. When you are upset or stressed everything becomes so difficult. So no need to worry your sweet head!

Thanks for the info you did give about making staff cuts and then he gives himself a bonus of the equivalent amount. How do they sleep at night?

At least if you are awake there is a good reason for it. Liz is so lucky to have you. There are so many others too who have given their all. I admire you all so much.

Yes the past two months have been long ones. So goodness knows what the rest of my life will feel like!

Take care of yourself Kevin and sorry for making you feel guilty. There is 100% no need to. You are a nice and decent man.

Love to Liz too. Give her a hug from me.

Marie x


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