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Meds 6 Anaesthetics and Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction - FOG

I have been reading about anesthetics and FOG or PCD (see title of post)

Over on Cure PSP there are quite a few threads on this and the subjective consensus seems to be that people having anaesthetics do not suffer a major step functional or cognitive down after surgery. Excepting for FOG from which the person recovers over an hour or two to a week or two or even a month or two.

Fog, simply put is confusion and a lessening of cognitive functioning, sometimes delirium. The worse the state of the brain before operation the worse the FOG is likely to be. It appears to be associated with inflammation of the brain.

This article, though from a Wellness type site, seems well researched and suggests things which might help.

In other articles aspiring was cited to help too.

In summary FOG is the daily bread for anaesthetists, but it might be worth having a discussion with them pre-op.

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This is interesting and valuable stuff, Kevin. Thanks to you, and Christine?, for all of it. I'm sure it will be called on by many of us as time goes on. One of the great things about this site is that information, once posted, is maintained. Peace, ec


I can say now - Christine47 got the ball rolling - I can't thank her enough.

Yes, hopefully they will be found when needed.

Best to you both



That should have read:

"In other articles aspirin was cited to help too.

Oh, for an edit button!

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Hello tollreswinger

Welcome to the forum.

It's wonderful that Dr Lala cured your PSP.

You write in a Nigerian style I think. Are you from there?

What a shame he / she only has a 'temporary' email address and no website.

Thank you for sharing this information.




Nice one! PSP needs all the help it can get, I think! Thanks dr lala.


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