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PSP has finally taken my Step Mum away


On Wednesday, my Step Mum finally passed away in hospital after her long battle with PSP. Over the last few months she deteriorated to the point of hardly having any physical capabilities and about a month ago she developed pneumonia from which she never recovered fully from.  She was a beautiful lady inside and out and will be missed by everyone.

I am not really a poster in here but I would sincerely like to thank those that do, because I read the posts regularly over the last 2 or 3 years and the information and support that was put in here allowed me to he to remain focussed on helping my Dad take the right direction when symptoms of PSP evolved and also emotionally too which is just as important. So my thanks to you all.

So to all who are currently having to deal with PSP either as a sufferer or carer, stay strong, fight for all the help you can and cherish every moment life gives.

My Step Mum agreed a while back to donate her brain for research into PSP so hopefully the legacy she will leave behind will be to help the future.

My heartfelt thanks to you all.


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I hope you, your father and family find consolation in the fact that you showed love and care when helping your stepmum to progress through the stages of this disease. Peace to you all. X

Dear Paul,

I am so sorry to hear your sad news, please remember the good times that you all had together and that you and your Dad did everything you possibly could to help your step mum through the hurdles of PSP.....

Thinking of you both and sending my love.....Pat xx

So sorry on the passing of your step mum, she is now free from this terrible disease.  My condolences to you and your dad.  Take care. Nanny857

Dear Paul, 

I am sorry for your loss. Your beautiful words are a welcome reminder that this community is greater than we can see. Thank you.  Love and peace, Easterncedar 

Hi Paul,  I am really sorry to hear about you Stepmum.  May she rest in peace, finally free from this evil disease.

Your legacy to her, is to make sure your Dad survives this final hurdle that PSP has put in front of him!

On behalf of future PSP sufferers, we thank her for the donation of her brain and hope that soon, PSP will be kicked in to the long grass, where it belongs!!!

Lots of love


I am so sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and your family xx

So sorry Paul.  Thank you for your beautiful message and also thanks to you and your family for her brain donation.  I'm positive they will find a cure in the very near future. 



So very sorry with passing of your step mom, no more pain and suffering, thank God time does heal, thinking of you.

My deepest symathy on the loss of your dear  step mother- may hersoul rest in peace. Yes, PSP is a cruel disease.  I know your pain as I have just been through it on the loss of my dear husband who has definitely left me with a  deep void. Just want to say May Your Memories Bring You Comfort. Thinking of You with Sympathy. Stay strong and now take time for yourself. God Bless You.

I'm so sorry. Your Step Mum did a marvellous thing and I hope it brings you comfort to know that you and your family honoured her wishes and made sure they were fulfilled.

I hope your father and family are finding peace.

Best wishes, Amanda.

I am so sorry, Paul.

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